You are currently viewing Discover How to Achieve Financial Freedom as a Freight Agent in our eBook

Discover How to Achieve Financial Freedom as a Freight Agent in our eBook

Take a minute and ask yourself: What does financial freedom look like to you? Is it vacationing at your favorite destination? Purchasing your dream home? Allowing your kids to attend college debt-free? 

No matter how you envision success, the first step in achieving your budgetary goals starts with top-tier compensation packages!

You bet we believe in the power of paychecks. After all, our freight agents deserve to earn what they’re worth! Taking home competitive compensation allows them to provide for their family and live the kind of lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. It’s that simple. 

Our innovative approach to compensation has helped our agents earn far more than they ever thought possible. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside our compensation eBook:


Competitive Compensation

We wouldn’t be the best freight brokerage in the nation without offering the best compensation packages to our team of entrepreneurial freight agents.

Our highly competitive compensation program doesn’t have a “ceiling.” Uncapped commission and generously-high splits allow our freight brokers to continually expand their book of business and reach new levels of success. After all, if you’re going to hustle and work hard for your company, shouldn’t your company work hard for you?

Complex payout structures and ever-changing compensation programs aren’t even in our vocabulary here. Instead, we choose to empower our agents by investing in the technology, back-office support and resources needed to maximize their income and drive upward growth.


Best-in-Class Benefits

Our compensation program doesn’t stop at great paychecks. It includes excellent benefits too. We provide our agents with access to comprehensive benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. 

In addition, we offer expert financial and tax planning resources to every agent. Why? Because that’s what you need when bringing home incredible paychecks!

There’s a reason ours is a one-of-a-kind freight agent program. Since day one, Tallgrass has always been focused on fostering a family-like atmosphere. Our unparalleled culture will always be our core. And like one big freight family, we always have each other’s backs, providing top-notch rewards, compensation, resources and unwavering support. No matter what.




Recognition and Rewards

Our culture’s very core is an environment rooted in celebrating accomplishments. Commemorating each of our agent’s successes goes hand-in-hand with our generous compensation. 

One of our favorite ways to show appreciation is by taking our Club 200 agents on a trip to Las Vegas to relish in a weekend of world-class casinos, live entertainment, tasty cocktails and delectable dining. Agents inducted into Club 200 have generated over $200,000 in gross profits over the calendar year.

TGF brokers who produce $500,000+ in gross margin qualify for our Diamond Club rewards program. And epic performers deserve tremendous rewards. Agents who achieve this level of success are given a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher and a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher.

For the very upper-eschelon freight brokers, we have our Elite Circle. When a freight agent reaches $1 million in margin in a year, they become inductees of the Elite Circle — and become recipients of the experience of a lifetime. If it’s on your bucket list, we’ll make it a reality.


Superior Back-Office Support

Being your own boss often means juggling all facets of a business, but not when you’re a Tallgrass agent. Our agents can take control of their future while enjoying the perks of a world-class back office handling the business’s administrative side. 

That means agents can focus on high-level activities, like revenue growth and nurturing strong customer relationships. And because of the exceptional support, our agents get the opportunity to step away from work and experience the kind of work-life balance that’s often impossible when you’re at it alone.

The entrepreneurial life can get stressful without the right tools and tech to streamline day-to-day tasks. So another way we’ve invested heavily in our agents’ success is with our homegrown freight CRM system. Our system was built by freight experts, for freight experts — ensuring the entire program has the tools needed to catapult agent growth, improve quality of life and solidify a healthy work/life balance. When work is more efficient, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


Start Living Your Ideal Lifestyle

The best compensation starts with a premier paycheck, and stretches into all we offer. Whether it’s our annual Roundtable event, or our sales incentive programs, Tallgrass offers so much more than just our industry-leading compensation. 

Ready to discover the meaning of true financial freedom and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? Learn more about what it looks like to be a part of the Tallgrass Freight team in our free eBook.