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Transforming Compensation in the Freight Industry

While we all have our own unique vision of what financial freedom means to us, there’s always a common consensus: paychecks! At Tallgrass, achieving financial goals and living your ideal lifestyle is not just a pipe dream, it’s a reality. 

We’ve always approached compensation with an innovative mindset. Our freight agents are the lifeblood of Tallgrass Freight. They fuel our tremendous growth year over year. That’s why we’ll never shy away from rewarding them with a compensation package unlike any brokerage in the freight ecosystem.

We aren’t like other freight brokerages with overly complex or constantly changing compensation models. We’re passionate about investing in our agents and helping them grow their books of business, so they can truly earn what they deserve.


Reach New Levels of Financial Success

Tallgrass values our freight agents and the hustle they put in each and every day to keep us at the top of our game — so they deserve to be compensated accordingly. Period. No clauses, no fine print.

We offer uncapped commission and generously-high splits for agents to continually expand their book of business, grow as a freight agent and reach new levels of financial and professional success. Our compensation supports that entrepreneurial spirit and is designed to help freight agents grow their careers and build a thriving business.

Working hard is a two-way street at Tallgrass. If you’re going to put in the work, your company should work hard for you too. That’s why we offer access to benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance.

But we don’t stop there. Tallgrass provides agents an opportunity to learn from nationally-known financial planning experts and gain wealth management strategies at our Agent Roundtable event. We literally give our promising agents the tools they need to make more money than ever, invest it well and win for the long run. Who else does that? Hint: No one.

Also at the Roundtable, agents learn from freight industry veterans who have scaled from a one-person show to a multi-employee agency. They share the ins and outs and offer their expert strategies — so our agents can climb that compensation ladder with ease.

In addition, our agents have access to our unrivaled back office support from anywhere, anytime. Our team of entrepreneurial-minded freight brokers enjoy the autonomy of being their own boss, while still being a special part of the TGF team unit.

Oh, and best of all? We aren’t into the hidden clauses or fine print. We believe in the power of transparency, and we can’t wait to talk to you about your payment potential. 

Rewarding the Wins

At the very core of our culture is an environment rooted in celebrating accomplishments. Commemorating each of our agent’s successes goes hand-in-hand with our generous compensation. 

One of our favorite ways to show our appreciation is by taking our Club 250 agents on an incredible trip! Agents who are inducted into Club 250 have generated over $250,000 in gross profits over the calendar year. What better way to honor such an exemplary milestone than with a weekend away! 

TGF brokers who produce $500,000+ in gross margin qualify for our Diamond Club rewards program. And epic performers deserve monumental rewards and praise. Agents who achieve this level of success are given a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Start picturing it now: Where will you be traveling to when you hit the Diamond Club tier? 

Lastly, for the very top-tier freight brokers, we have our Elite Circle. When a freight agent reaches $1 million in margin in a year, they become inductees of the Elite Circle — and become recipients of the experience of a lifetime. Recently, our agents have used this reward for tickets to the World Cup in Qatar and to take their dream honeymoon in Italy. How will you use yours? A hike up Machu Picchu? A stroll through ancient ruins in Greece? If it’s on your bucket list, we’ll help make it a reality.


Achieve Financial Freedom

We provide our agents with the autonomy and flexibility to take control of their future while contributing to their success with back-office support and ongoing mentorship. Our innovative approach to compensation has helped our agents earn far more than they ever thought possible.

From high splits and generous sales rewards to the ability to maximize earning potential with no salary caps, see what it looks like to be part of Tallgrass Freight — and how TGF can help you. Start the conversation today