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Introducing: Our Elite Circle

We have the best freight agents in the country here at Tallgrass Freight Co. — and that’s why we do things unlike any other freight company. Generous compensation has always been in our DNA, and today, we’re thrilled to announce our most phenomenal sales incentive ever: the Elite Circle.



Awarded to the very upper echelon of freight professionals, Elite Circle members are awarded with an iconic trip for two to any event, anywhere around the globe. When a freight agent reaches $1 million in margin in a year, Tallgrass Freight rewards you with the experience of a lifetime.

We’re talking Wimbledon. The Master’s. Opening night at a musical in London’s West End. A private meal from a Michelin-awarded chef. An adventurous safari journey in Africa. Experiencing the wonder of the Northern Lights.


If it’s on your bucket list, we’re going to help you cross it off. That’s what it means to be part of the Tallgrass Freight Elite Circle.


Sound outrageous? Not to us. The sky’s the limit. That’s just how we do things here at Tallgrass.

The tradition of iconic awards for our highest-performing freight agents started with our Club 200 program. We envisioned a group of top-tier agents, and that vision has certainly come to life. Agents who earn $200,000 or more in gross margin fly to Las Vegas, Nevada, with their plus-one on our annual Tallgrass Freight trip!

But as many freight brokers landed in Club 200 and kept hustling towards greater margins, we knew we had to up the ante. Good problem to have, right?

Enter the Diamond Club, composed of the best of the best: Diamond Club agents earn $500,000 or more in gross margin. They’re rewarded with a $5,000 Delta flight voucher anywhere in the world, plus a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher, ready for a memorable trip.

Today, we’re facing another outstanding problem. Our top-performing agents are on track to surpass even the Diamond Club! And so the Elite Circle is our most extravagant award yet. It’s focused on the kinds of experiences that an agent earning $1 million or more in margin deserves!

Why open-ended, instead of a prescribed trip? When you’re part of the Elite Circle, it’s all about the experiences that matter most. And while we could hand-pick an extraordinary experience for our agents, the real reward comes in choosing something uniquely meaningful and memorable to you.

And, as another layer to the Elite Circle rewards, these freight agents get to participate in our Club 200 trip to Las Vegas as well.

If you’re the best of the best, you deserve to be rewarded. We’re out to build the best brokerage in the country, and we’re committed to celebrating the professionals who bring success to life.

Sound like the kind of reward you want in on? Then you belong here at Tallgrass Freight. It’s time to leave amateur hour behind. Join our network of independent freight agents today.