Rail Shipping

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Rail Shipping

What is Rail Shipping?

As its name implies, intermodal or rail shipping involves the transport of freight using multiple modes of conveyance, combining the advantages of rail shipping with the flexibility and versatility of over-the-road delivery. According to industry expert forecasts, truckload carriers will be making greater use of intermodal shipping in the next few years, with demand continuing to grow year over year. Intermodal shipping carries a number of benefits, from low costs and rapid delivery to reduced emissions that are better for the environment.

As part of our dedication to providing the very best in transportation logistics services, Tallgrass Freight is here to help you leverage intermodal shipping to your advantage. Intermodal shipping allows different modes of transportation to be used in the situations where they are best suited, which means that getting the most out of your intermodal shipping solutions requires careful planning and managing the fine details to transport logistics. Here at Tallgrass Freight, that’s our specialty!

Here are a few of the benefits of intermodal shipping:

  • Security: Because intermodal containers allow shipments to be transferred without being unpacked, you are insulated from the dangers of loss or damage.
  • Economy: Intermodal Shipping is historically the least expensive way to move large quantities of freight.
  • Environment: Switching from over-the-road shipping to intermodal transportation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% for shipments over 1,000 miles according to the Environmental Protection Agency. So rail shipping isn’t just good for you pocket book, it’s good for the planet.

If you ship more than 750 miles, then you may benefit from intermodal shipping solutions. Whatever your shipping needs, Tallgrass Freight can help assess your current transportation logistics model and create a plan that gets your freight where it needs to go on time, and at the best prices available!

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