expedited shippingIn today’s fast-paced, global economy, prompt and reliable freight shipping is more important than ever.  For those times when your freight absolutely must arrive to its delivery location as quick as possible, Tallgrass Freight offers Expedited Shipping.   Working with our large network of freight forwarders, carriers and delivery agents, Tallgrass Freight has the solution for your expedited needs.  Tallgrass Freight will manage the planning, tracking and updates required to put your mind at ease and ensure the process goes smooth from start to finish.

We can assist you with the planning, paperwork, tracking and routing on all of your time-sensitive shipments.

Whether you need your shipment moved across town or across the country, Tallgrass Freight has the resources to make sure your freight is delivered on time.  Customers that use Tallgrass Freight for their expedited freight can expect to receive the best service in the industry.

Ability to offer a wide-range of expedited options to find the price and service level you need:

  • 24 hour availability while your shipment is in transit
  • Consistent updates given on the schedule you require
  • Immediate notification of any problems or delays
  • Copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD) on arrival

If your business demands Just-In-Time delivery options, Tallgrass Freight offers a wide range of service options to fit your needs.

For all your same day, next day, and second day shipping needs, contact Tallgrass Freight today!