Why TGF?

Tallgrass Freight offers shipping options with temperature-controlled trailers. Sealed, enclosed trailers, also called reefers, are equipped to keep shipments at their ideal temperatures, both in cold and hot weather. When you need to move temperature-sensitive or perishable goods, trust our unparalleled service to get your crucial shipment to its destination.

Temperature-controlled shipping delivers crucial goods: groceries, fresh produce, medical supplies, flowers, consumer packaged goods and other critical products depend on refrigerated shipping services. Some commonly shipped goods are seasonal, which makes reefers highly in-demand equipment.

Precise tracking and monitoring are other important elements in temperature-controlled shipping. Because it’s time sensitive, transit time and trailer conditions play a key role in successful temperature-controlled freight delivery. Our transportation logistics experts will help you every step of the way, from properly tracking and monitoring temperature to getting regular driver updates.

With industry expertise and a reliable carrier network, we can secure capacity for you and eliminate common supply chain disruptions. You won’t find service like this anywhere else.

The benefits of temperature-controlled shipping include:

  • Safely transport perishable products.
  • Deliver dry or refrigerated goods.
  • Protect freight from theft, spoilage, damage and weather conditions.
  • Protect deliveries from freezing in the winter.
  • Control against seasonal temperature fluctuations, no matter what the elements bring.

Count on Tallgrass Freight’s team of agents to get your refrigerated shipments delivered securely, quickly and safely.

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