Joining tallgrass freight

An innovative process for independent freight agents.

At Tallgrass Freight Co., we’re all about transparency and collaboration — and that starts right with our recruiting process! When it’s the right fit, we want to bring you into the team as fast as we can.

Our recruiting process is quick, authentic and focused on YOU. Sound like a breath of fresh air? You bet. Here’s what you can expect.

Our recruiting process - Tallgrass Freight

Transparent, personal and intentional: Our recruiting process from start to finish

Submit your application to become a TGF agent.

Chat with our recruiters in a preliminary interview and learn about what makes TGF different.

Get to know TGF’s leadership and meet with a member of our Executive Team.

Now it’s time to finalize our partnership and officially sign on to bring your book of business to Tallgrass.

No drawing things out. Onboarding is immediate, so you can get to know our CRM and processes and start booking freight!

All this in a matter of days. You could be a Tallgrass agent by this time next week!

We invest in our people.

Meet the Recruiters

Our empowering recruiting process wouldn’t be possible without our dream team of dedicated recruiters ready to serve you. Our Agent Recruiters help bring the best of the best to Tallgrass Freight, demonstrating the freedom we offer our agents in return.

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What Makes Our Process Different.


Your TGF recruiters are here for you every step of the way. Call or email anytime, because we’re here to support you in this process.

“For me, it really was simple: I just liked them. I knew what I wanted for my career, and I could tell immediately that Tallgrass would be a good fit.”


We will never leave you hanging. From application to interviews to offer and beyond, you will always know where you stand with us.

“The transparency with Tallgrass was incredibly refreshing. I had spoken with many companies regarding their agent programs and offerings, yet I couldn’t find a single opportunity that even came close to rivaling Tallgrass.”


We’re not just here for your book of business — we’re here for you. Our culture is one of community. “No matter your background,” says our recruiting team, “Once you fall under the Tallgrass Freight umbrella, you are treated with respect.”

“Everyone I spoke with in leadership was incredibly authentic and transparent. It was palpable how invested they were in providing the support and infrastructure agents needed to thrive.”

The Recruiting Timeline

We move quick here.

How fast do you want to get started? We’re not kidding — we move quick here. From the moment we connect to the moment you finish onboarding, we don’t skip a beat.

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come for the freight, stay for the freedom

A destination company for top-tier agents who want to thrive.

Bringing your book of business to a new freight agent network doesn’t mean starting over. As a 1099 independent agent, we are here to support you, not babysit you. We are committed to serving you with unparalleled company culture and entrepreneurial mindset.

At Tallgrass Freight you get more than just a base of operations:

  • Competitive compensation with a high split
  • Access to health, dental and vision insurance benefits
  • Incredible sales rewards for top agents
  • Best-in-class back office support
  • Engaged, attentive and caring leadership
  • A “work from anywhere” policy
  • Rapid onboarding 
  • Our custom-built freight CRM system to help you scale

It’s time to leave amateur hour behind and join the best freight team in the country that shares integrity, tenacity and ambition.

Bring your book of business to Tallgrass Freight Co. and make the best move of your career.