LTL Shipping

LTL Shipping

What is LTL?

Unless your business is truly massive, you will sometimes need to send out shipments that aren’t large enough to fill an entire truck. Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments typically weigh anywhere from 151 to 20,000 lbs., and are transported using a “hub and spoke” system comprised of smaller local terminals that collect freight from various shippers and consolidate it at the larger hub terminals.

Whether you’re shipping dozens of smaller packages bound to different locations daily or just a handful of pallets now and then, LTL shipping is a simple and cost-effective solution for smaller shipments—and Tallgrass Freight can help make it work for you.

Taking the guesswork out

Choosing the right shipping option for your business can be an overwhelming prospect. Fortunately, Tallgrass Freight takes the guesswork out of the equation by bringing our expertise in transportation logistics to every aspect of your LTL shipping needs and putting you directly in touch with the best carriers in the business.

Simplifying the process

At Tallgrass Freight, our goal is to make your LTL shipping experience as simple and painless as possible. That means we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your quote is accurate and the shipping solutions you receive are tailored to your needs.

  • We answer all of your questions concerning freight class, routing, creating a proper bill of lading, handling carrier invoices and every other aspect of the LTL shipping experience.
  • We keep you in the loop so that you know where your shipments are, and we help to make sure they get where they need to go, when they need to be there.
  • We give you the full benefit of our diversified portfolio of transportation logistics services so that whatever challenges or opportunities you face, we’ll be there to help you meet them.
  • We’re pleased to offer extended and expanded cargo insurance, for thorough coverage and peace of mind.

Saving time and money

By leveraging our relationships with some of the top LTL shipping carriers, we can guarantee that your LTL shipments are processed quickly, easily and at the best prices available. You’ll also be supported by our transportation logistics expertise to ensure that every step of the process goes smoothly. This will save you time and money, while still getting the best LTL shipping solutions around. To learn more or get a FREE quote, call Tallgrass Freight today!

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