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Achieve Financial Freedom & Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

We all have our own unique vision of what defines success and financial independence. But however you picture success, there’s a common denominator: paychecks! It’s that simple.

When you close your eyes, what type of life do you picture for yourself? A home with ocean-front views? Sending your kids to college student-debt free? Jet-setting across the globe, experiencing new cultures?

Whatever the case may be, we have one simple question for you: what’s preventing you from achieving your goals?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is money. But at Tallgrass, achieving financial freedom is not just a pipe dream, it’s a reality. Discover how our freight agent program’s industry-leading compensation can help liberate you from the “work to live” mentality, so you can cultivate a lifestyle rooted in financial independence and success.


A Compensation Program with Unlimited Growth Potential

We believe in rewarding our tenacious, driven freight agents for their ceaseless hard work and dedication. We truly have the best in the business here at Tallgrass! So when we say “the sky’s the limit,” we aren’t messing around. Unlike many freight agent programs out there, we’ve established a culture rooted in empowerment and support — furnishing our team with countless unparalleled resources.

Office politics? Not our thing! Treating our people as “disposable?” Not in this lifetime. Instead, we’re extremely passionate about investing in our agents, delivering first-class technology, mentorship and financial perks, all designed to fuel individual growth.

Along with our industry-leading compensation program, our team of entrepreneurial-minded agents enjoy the autonomy of being their own boss, while never having to take the journey alone. From unrivaled back-office support and continuing education opportunities to our high splits and no salary caps, we’ll always stay dedicated to being the best freight brokerage in the nation.

We’ll never settle for complacency, forever seeking new ways to innovate and improve. And our hope is to inspire the best freight brokers in the country to do the same. Curious about your earning potential at TGF? Let’s talk.

A little humble bragging: In June of 2021 alone, 48% of our agents had their BEST MONTH EVER! Pretty incredible, right? You can join that camp too.


Benefits, Rewards and Sales Programs

At the heart of our supportive culture is an environment defined by celebrating each win. Our freight agents are the lifeblood of our company, continuously fueling our tremendous growth year over year. That’s why we’ll never shy away from rewarding individual accomplishments via financial perks, sales incentives and top-tier benefits, including access to our comprehensive health insurance program.

When one of us succeeds, we all win. And at Tallgrass, we always play to win. This is baked into our DNA, the catalyst for a slew of programs aimed at rewarding all those wins. For example, take our annual Club 200 trip to Las Vegas. Agents who are inducted into Club 200 have generated over $200,000 in gross profits over the calendar year. What better way to honor such an applause-worthy milestone than with a weekend of gambling, entertainment, cocktails and some seriously delectable dining.

Brokers who produce $500,000+ in gross margin qualify for our Diamond Club rewards program. And like Club 200, these epic performers deserve equally monumental rewards and praise. Agents who achieve this level of success are treated to a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Just imagine: what will be your destination of choice when you hit the Diamond Club tier?

Lastly, for the upper echelon of ass-kicking freight brokers, we have our Elite Circle. Sounds fancy, right? It’s only fitting, as these logistics professionals have accomplished a remarkable feat – producing a whopping $1 million in gross margin for the year. The reward? An unforgettable experience for two. Any event, anywhere in the world. An African safari? Carnival in Brazil? If it’s on your bucket list, we’ll help make it a reality.


Achieve the Lifestyle You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Whether it’s our cutting-edge technology, like our custom-built CRM for freight agents, or it’s our most anticipated event of the year (yes, we’re talking about the annual Christmas Party!), there truly are endless possibilities for creating your ideal lifestyle and future at Tallgrass Freight.

Ready to discover true financial freedom and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? Learn more about joining the TGF family as a freight agent today.