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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Back Office Support

Here at Tallgrass, we’ve effectively built the best freight brokerage in the country. We understand making a career change is a big shift, and it requires the right answers to all your questions. So we’ve created a guide to help with how to find the right freight agent program. 

We first touched on compensation packages and company culture. Next, we explored resources for stability and success, innovative technology and opportunities for continuing education. Now, we are providing important insights about our extraordinary back office support. 

One of the most crucial keys to success in the freight industry is a reliable back office support team. You need an exceptional back office to support you: it’s that simple. Tallgrass has a company culture rooted in support. We diligently work to provide our agents with tools and resources to thrive — because when one of us wins, we all win.

Our back office administration is constantly mentoring our agents and helping them create successful strategies to grow. They also implement seamless workflows and ensure our agents are maximizing their potential and bringing home top-notch compensation — all while giving agents freedom to build their book of business. How to find the right freight agent program with excellent support? Let’s dive in.


Best-in-Class Infrastructure and Back Office Support for Every Freight Agent

Even the most ambitious freight agents only have 24 hours in the day. Back office support is crucial to freight career success! From ensuring you can deliver top-tier service to your customers, to helping you grow professionally, the right freight agent program should deliver wraparound support. 

As you search for the right freight agent program, make sure to ask how the company supports its agents. An excellent freight agent program will be glad you asked, and will share authentically about their back office professionals, billing systems, technology, agent coaching and more. 

First, we’ve assembled an UNPARALLELED back office leadership team. Our team manages finance and billing, carrier relations, operations, collections, technology and more:


Innovative Freight Technology

Freight agent technology can either get in the way of your progress or propel you to new heights. It’s smart to ask about the freight agent program’s CRM. Is it an off-the-shelf system, or a solution designed precisely for your freight career to succeed?

Our innovative freight technology — which we lovingly call our TGF Cash Register — is another way we offer best-in-class support. Our innovative, first-to-market CRM was created because our agents deserve the best technology out there, and we set out to deliver just that. Forget off-the-shelf, mediocre platforms!

Built for freight experts by freight experts, there’s nothing else like our system on the market! Our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register allows agents to more than double their productivity and scale their business. Because our system is tailor-made, our freight agents have the tools needed to accelerate their growth and streamline daily tasks. For example, our CRM includes an intuitive booking system, robust customer reporting capabilities and easy accessibility to training, as well as resources surrounding customer onboarding, compliance, carrier information, timelines and much more.  

And then there’s our excellent tech support. Our in-house team of the best experts around is always a phone call away — or just down the hall, if you’re in our Kansas City office! Unlike other freight agent programs, there’s no disconnected outsourced IT department here. Our agents receive real support from real humans when you need it, to get you back up and running fast.


Hands-On Freight Career Coaching

Here at Tallgrass, we place special emphasis on taking agents to new heights. Sean Richardson, VP of Growth and Development, coaches and mentors our agents on sales, time management, communication and relationship building, and managing your book of business. “My focus lies in furnishing the team with practices designed for success, so they can organize their day, track client interactions and inventory and confidently grow their business,” Sean explains. 

And Sean is just one of many freight industry veterans here to help. To grow your business, you need a community cheering you on, with freight experts who have been in your shoes before. Running your own company gets a little lonely sometimes. But here at Tallgrass, you can stay independent, but stop flying solo.


Unparalleled Freight Agent Support is our Mission

Almost ten years ago, we set out to build the best freight brokerage in the country. Thanks to our back office support team, we can confidently say we’ve been successful in doing so. We’re proud to have a team so committed to our mission and vision. We share values of integrity, tenacity and ambition. Our Tallgrass back office treats people like people, and never like just another number.


At Tallgrass, you’ll always be surrounded by a group of people who are committed to driving your growth and success. There has never been a better time to become a Tallgrass freight agent. Join our freight agent program today and experience this exceptional support yourself!