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Get to know the Tallgrass Freight Co. Vision & Mission

Corporate culture is so much more than a grill behind the office. Corporate culture is about what drives you. It’s about a common goal. It’s about what roots us. It’s what guides us through thick and thin. Here at Tallgrass Freight, we treat people like people. Period. And at the core of how we do business is our mission and vision.

Our mission and vision, along with our values, are in our company DNA. Since the day Tallgrass opened its doors in 2012, our roots have been planted with growth in mind. Explore how our mission and vision guide us to continually strive forward.



Our vision is to build the best freight brokerage in the country.


Yeah, you read that right — the best. And here’s why: our people. We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished as a company, but we’re far prouder of our team. Tallgrass Freight Co. is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, but we didn’t grow without help from the dedicated and passionate people on our ever-expanding Freight Brokerage team.

Our agents, from coast to coast, are at the top of their field and at Tallgrass, they enjoy all the perks of being their own boss, plus the joys of being part of a team. Our corporate dream team is driven to help our agents thrive. We celebrate our agents’ milestones, with unparalleled reward programs like Club 200 and Diamond Club, and provide resources for agents to grow their business.



Our mission is commitment to those we serve, an unparalleled company culture and our entrepreneurial mindset. With the right people who treat each other the right way we strive to represent the future of freight brokerages. Tallgrass Freight is a destination company for top-tier agents who want to thrive.


Our Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson, says it best: “My favorite part about this company — beyond the numbers, beyond the growth — is our quality people and the quality stories that make up their lives.”

Our mission encompasses how we work, what we value and why Tallgrass gives back and we believe in community. We give our agents a culture that’s a stark contrast to any other company or program, and we are continually striving to make today better than yesterday.

You’re never a number at Tallgrass. We support each other and serve each other practically — whether it’s an extra hand or a quick pointer, or long-term coaching and the tools to thrive. But just like we work hard, we play hard too. From our summer company picnic to our friendly competitions and of course, our famed Christmas party — we have fun at Tallgrass. That’s what it looks like to be part of the Tallgrass family.

With this mission and vision at the core of our company, we are paving the way in the freight industry. It’s never been a better time to be part of a company who is above the rest.

Powered by our best-in-class back office support, our agents focus on what they love most about being a freight broker. Our team shares integrity, tenacity and ambition. Cultivate your future. Grow along with us. Learn more about joining our team today.