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We’ve Got Our Leadership Dream Team. Here’s Why and What’s Next

As our COO David Barnes often says, “Your number one goal when you’re running a company is to work yourself out of a job.” And the full leadership team at TGF shares this posture. “To truly go to the next level, you have to surround yourself with good people — people who are better at things than you are. That’s the ideal way to get bigger and better.”

That’s been our heart since day one here at Tallgrass. In every season, we’ve bolstered our leadership team to assemble a group of people who we humbly call our “Dream Team.”

In the same way that a house is only as strong as its foundation, our company and our agents are only as strong as our leaders. We’re a team of dedicated, driven people who treat each other with respect and share a goal of building something remarkable. We say what we mean, mean what we say, treat people with kindness and see the best in each other. We work hard, we play hard and put people first, always. That’s what it means to be part of our team and to live out our culture.

And this is where our Dream Team comes in. While every agent in our network is independent, no one is ever truly flying solo. This is why our Dream Team is so important as we reach new heights.


Dream Team, defined

At Tallgrass Freight, here’s how we define a dream team. Our TGF Dream Team is one in which every person brings dedication and ambition to the table each day. A dream team is one made up of people who are extraordinarily talented, skilled and driven. Our dream team is one with no egoes, just people who treat each other with respect. Being part of this dream team means you’re hungry. It means you’re ready to hustle. It means results matter. It means you work hard, you play hard and you show up for your colleagues.

You don’t have to be the flashiest to build something legendary. You just have to be committed. It’s on such a team that you learn and grow, do your best work yet and also have the most fun.


Meet the Tallgrass Freight Dream Team

When we reflect back on TGF history years later, we’re going to look back at this season as an important moment — because of this phenomenal team.

This time comes on the heels of fantastic growth since our founding. In 2018, we were also proud to receive multiple national and regional awards. Our company completed its first-ever purchase in 2018 as well, buying Westport Business Group. And earlier this year, we opened the doors of our brand-new office in Scottsdale, Arizona. But growth like this only happens as a result of collaboration from our team.

Today, we’re humbled to say that we have the right people, with the right attitudes, in the right roles at the right time. Because of this, the future has never been brighter for TGF. Meet the players on our Dream Team.


Damon Anderson | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Leading Tallgrass Freight as Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson is proud to say he’s built the company he always wanted to have. Though Tallgrass Freight has grown far beyond its humble roots in a Leavenworth farmhouse, that authentic sense of community is stronger than ever. “The one thing that’s the most important to me about our company is this: I never want to lose that feeling of this company being a community,” Damon says. Get to know Damon Anderson >>


David Barnes | Chief Operating Officer & Co-Owner

As Tallgrass Freight’s COO and co-owner, David Barnes lays the groundwork for success with procedures, operations, technology and finance. He takes a proactive approach to TGF’s growth, laser-focused on what it takes to amplify the company. “You’ve always got to keep your head on a swivel and continue to move forward,” he says. “Always, always, always continue to move forward.” Meet David Barnes >>

Tim Bateman | Chief Financial Officer

As Tallgrass Freight’s CFO, Tim tackles sales analytics, cash flow forecasting and more, always keeping his finger on the financial pulse of the organization. But TGF means more than metrics to Tim. “It’s a great team here,” he says. “It’s the culture, the true family culture. You’re part of the team, and I like that aspect of partnering with Tallgrass so much.” Learn more about Tim Bateman >>


Mike Clemmons | Vice President of Operations

Mike loves making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently at Tallgrass Freight. He spends his days as Vice President of Operations working on projects that build the company, developing game-changing strategies and supporting agents however he can. “It’s a corporate world with a small business mindset,” Mike says. “The culture here is part of what makes us unique.” Meet Mike Clemmons >>


Todd Sanford | Senior Manager of Credit & Collections

Todd Sanford brings his financial experience and expertise to the team as Senior Manager of Credit and Collections, reviewing all new customers, delivering credit lines and ensuring collections so customers can experience TGF’s world-class services. “Tallgrass has this great family atmosphere,” Todd says. “You can easily see how your expertise is a positive impact on the company’s growth. And everyone here really respects your work and your opinions.” Meet Todd Sanford >>


There’s never been a better time to join the TGF team. With the right people, who treat each other the right way, we’ve been creating something remarkable here at TGF. And for experienced freight agents who are hungry to grow, it’s an ideal time to jump in and be the latest edition to this dream team. We’re quickly hiring extraordinary agents. Contact us today.