Meet the Team

Damon Anderson

Damon Anderson

Founder & CEO

Walk-up song:

Faster Disco — Faith No More

Drink at happy hour:

Bottle of Miller Lite

Best concert ever:

Kansas City Rockfest 2007

Leading Tallgrass Freight as Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson is proud to say he’s built the kind of company he always wanted to be part of as a kid. With a strong sense of community and a common appreciation for the good of the team, Damon is humbled to be at the helm of a company with an unparalleled culture.

“The one thing that’s the most important to me about our company is this: I never want to lose that feeling of this company being a community.”

Damon’s early career in sales helped him understand what it takes to be successful. He made it his mission to hit every sales goal he was given, and raise those goals higher each month. Damon quickly became a top sales performer, but wanted something more than the jaded corporate culture he experienced each day.

“The best part of my job — what grounds me and literally makes my day and night — is the stories of the people here.”

Damon decided to take the leap and launch his own company, and persuaded his talented colleague Mike Clemmons to join him. While Damon didn’t initially set out to build a large company, Tallgrass Freight grew organically and soon, the company was thriving.

“The best part of my job — what grounds me and literally makes my day and night — is the stories of the people here,” Damon says. It’s that foundation that sets the stage for Tallgrass’s unparalleled corporate culture.

At Tallgrass Freight, Damon has cultivated a culture of hard work, honesty and earnestness with a big sense of fun, a company-wide “work hard, play hard” perspective. Damon knows the names and stories of everyone at Tallgrass Freight because they’re the heart of the company.

With a Kansas City, Kansas, upbringing and an education from Kansas City Community College, Damon credits much of his character to his community. When he’s not working towards his goal of growing Tallgrass Freight to new heights, Damon is at home with his three children or hitting a trail for a long run.

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