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Thanks to our team, Tallgrass Freight once again swept the awards

We’re humbled to announce that Tallgrass Freight Company has once again recently swept the awards, both multiple local and national, each celebrating our exponential growth. But before you think we’re simply tooting our own horn, here’s what these awards really mean to us: We’re proud to have swept the awards — but we’re far prouder of our team.

Every award and accolade our company receives symbolizes so much more than our moment in the spotlight and a new shiny plaque for our office. These awards showcase all the amazing outcomes that can happen as a result of a driven team and healthy company culture.

Our CEO and Founder Damon Anderson captured the heart of our culture in a conversation with Thinking Bigger Business earlier this year. “We treat people with respect,” he said. “[Tallgrass COO] David Barnes and I take a lot of effort to make sure that we create an environment where people understand, hey, it’s human beings you’re working with. It’s not just somebody you can step on to get where you want to go.”

We’re proud of what we’ve built, how we’ve built it and every person here on our team. Explore some of our latest accomplishments.

Fast 50 TGF awards

Kansas City Business Journal Fast 50

  • 10 of 50
  • Second year on the list
  • Two-year average annual revenue growth rate of 147.85%

Ingrams report TGF award

Ingram’s Top 100

  • 28 of 100
  • Second year on the list
  • 231.19% growth
  • Average annual growth rate of 77.06%

INC 5000 TGF award

Inc. 5000

  •  757 of 5,000
  • Third year on the list
  • Three-year growth rate of 576%
  • #4 in Kansas, #9 in the Kansas City metro area, #40 among top Logistics & Transportation Companies

kansas city business journal

Kansas City Business Journal Top Logistics Companies

In every award category, we’re grateful to be in the finest company. Every one of the Kansas City Business Journal Fast 50 Companies and the Ingram’s Top 100 is making Kansas City a better-than-ever place to do business and to call home. And as an Inc. 5000 honoree, we’re in the same club as other thriving corporations, including Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle and plenty of further notable alumni.

These 2019 awards come on the heels of amplified growth since our founding — in a farmhouse in Leavenworth, Kansas, no less. In 2018, we were also proud to receive multiple national and regional awards. Our company completed its first-ever purchase in 2018 as well, buying Westport Business Group. And earlier this year, we opened the doors of our brand-new office in Scottsdale, Arizona. But growth like this only happens with all-in commitment from great people.

Everyone on our team comes together to build something remarkable, as COO David Barnes told Thinking Bigger Business. “We don’t need to be the biggest, we don’t need thousands of employees and all of that,” he said. “But if you find the right people, and you treat the right people the right way, funny how things can come together and really start to snowball.”

Want to be part of a team where you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself — and also enjoying the best aspects of being your own boss? It’s possible when you join the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Start the conversation today.