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Supporting Graduates: 2024 Scholarship Recipients

At Tallgrass, we’re passionate about engaging with and giving back to our Kansas City community. We do this through several philanthropic efforts, including supporting local nonprofits and contributing to the success of future generations.

Each year, Tallgrass CEO Damon Anderson and COO David Barnes give back in a very personal way by awarding scholarships to students at their respective high schools: Sumner Academy of Arts & Science in Kansas City, Kansas, and Caney Valley High School in Caney, Kansas. These scholarships help high school seniors prepare for college by aiding them in buying essential educational tools like textbooks and laptops that aren’t typically covered by financial aid. It’s all about paying it forward!


Sumner Academy of Arts & Science Scholarship Recipients

Damon’s alma mater, Sumner Academy of Arts & Science, ranks first in Kansas high schools and 115th in national rankings. This year, eight talented students received scholarships from Tallgrass.

The Sumner Academy 2024 scholarship recipients are:

  • Alexander Moreno Perez
  • Marco Contreras
  • Johann Sanchez Pedraza
  • Jesus Ontiveros-Castro
  • Elizabeth Herrera
  • Bennett Addink
  • Andrea Gonzalez
  • Yenghoua Lee


Caney Valley High School Scholarship Recipients

Located three hours south of the Tallgrass flagship office, Caney Valley High School is the alma mater of Tallgrass COO David Barnes. Home of the Bullpups, Caney Valley High is known for its 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio and high graduation rate of 93.3%. Of those graduates, seven received scholarships from Tallgrass to help jumpstart their college careers:

The Caney Valley High 2024 scholarship recipients are:

  • Aden Gorby
  • Laramie Bruce
  • Jenna Wade
  • Anna Washburn
  • Amyiah Rupert
  • Rylan Moore
  • Kimberly Owens


Onward to Future Success!

While these students may or may not pursue future careers in freight, we recognize in each of them the same drive for success that all of our freight agents share. This tenacity and ambition is what makes Tallgrass Freight an award-winning freight brokerage full of incredible independent agents who were each once high schoolers needing someone to believe in their future. If you are looking for that next big opportunity in your own career, talk to us about becoming an agent.