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The 2022 Tallgrass Freight Bounce House Bash

The Bounce House Bash in 2021 was definitely one for the books, but we’re determined to never settle when we can make each year even better than the last! Our 2022 event was a huge hit. This didn’t just mean upgrading the experience with bigger bounce houses or fancier grills at our 2022 event (although those were nice too). This meant doing everything in our power to take a Saturday afternoon and turn it into a celebration of the community we know and love, and the families that make it all possible.

People come first, no matter what — and that means we want our agents and their families to feel like an integral part of the Tallgrass Freight community. This is why founder and CEO Damon Anderson’s perspective of “quality people and the quality stories that make up their lives” is so ingrained in our mission and vision. As Damon describes it, “We strive to bring our people together and have fun!” It’s that simple.


2022 Bounce House Bash kickball


The Bounce House Bash has been a favorite event at Tallgrass Freight from the very beginning, as it’s deeply rooted in Damon’s own childhood. Born and raised in a large family right here in Kansas City, Damon recalls how his grandpa’s sheet metal workers were regular attendees at his own family’s events, making them “an extended part of the family.” This heart for blending family with work relationships is what drives the Tallgrass Bounce House Bash every year!

This annual summer event is packed with games, grilling, a great community of agents and their families and — most importantly — bounce houses galore! It’s a wonderful Saturday afternoon spent with the best freight brokerage community in the country at Wyandotte County Park, just outside of Kansas City near our flagship office.

“I never want to lose that feeling of this company being a community,” Damon shares, “I love witnessing the camaraderie and collaboration that’s become ingrained in our culture.” 



Ever seen a CEO pick up the burgers and hot dogs? Ever seen a COO grill at the company barbecue? Probably not — but hey, we do things differently here at Tallgrass. No ivory towers, no chips on C-suite shoulders. It’s just people taking care of people and doing things the way they ought to be done. And yes, that includes grilling at the Bounce House Bash!

“Dave and Damon are humble and truly invested in the success of their agents, and that extends to how they treat people,” says Tallgrass agent Sean B. “They’ve created an energy and magnetism in our culture, where agents feel empowered. That’s an invaluable asset you just can’t find anywhere else.” 

The Bounce House Bash is just one aspect of our people-first culture. We work hard and play hard at Tallgrass Freight, building an unparalleled company culture that treats people like people. No one is a cog in a machine here, and no one flies solo! Tom V., an agent since 2017, describes his experience with Tallgrass this way: “I’ve grown to become good friends with many people at Tallgrass, and those friendships mean a lot to me. They’re not only my business partners, but this is a mutually respected partnership.” 

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! When one of us succeeds, we all win.


2022 Bounce House Bash kids


From a whole bunch of bounce houses to the best sales incentives programs you’ve ever seen, we’re taking every opportunity to celebrate our agents right alongside the wins they bring in. Our agents deserve careers with industry-leading compensation, a supportive team and the best company culture in freight — and so do you!

Since our very start ten years ago, Tallgrass Freight has been aiming to provide team members with a company culture and experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Looking for a freight family you can enjoy being a part of while cultivating your own success? Come on over to Tallgrass Freight — where you’ll enjoy all the perks of being your own boss, plus the joys of being part of a team. Start the conversation with us today.