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Summer at TGF Means Family-Friendly Barbecues and Bounce Houses

For the lifestyle you really want as a freight agent, company culture is crucial! When some companies talk “culture,” they put a grill behind the office and call it a day. But culture is so much more than that. Culture is how we do life together, how we celebrate our team and how people are valued. Our annual Bounce House Bash illustrates exactly that! And the 2021 Bash was one we won’t soon forget.

“My favorite part about this company — beyond the numbers, beyond the growth — is our quality people and the quality stories that make up their lives,” says Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson. This perspective is deeply rooted in our mission and vision and has a ripple effect throughout everything we do at Tallgrass, including our events. We strive to bring our people together and have fun!”

The annual Bounce House Bash is held at Wyandotte County Park, a 325-acre greenspace just north of our flagship freight agent office outside Kansas City. This fun summer gathering brings together our agents and their families for a Saturday afternoon of grilled burgers and hot dogs, games, cornhole, great conversation and, of course, bounce houses!

The Bounce House Bash was inspired by Damon’s own childhood memories. “I grew up in a fairly big family, and my grandpa was a sheet metal worker in Kansas City,” Damon shares. Every family get-together included his grandpa’s sheet metal workers, and the shop was an extension of the family. That same heart drove what is today the Tallgrass Bounce House Bash!

“I love witnessing the camaraderie and collaboration that’s become ingrained in our culture,” Damon shares. Owning a business — and having fun at the same time! — was Damon’s childhood dream, and that’s still the heartbeat at Tallgrass. Since the day Tallgrass opened its doors in 2012, we have set out to provide team members with a company culture that can’t be found anywhere else. 

We have created more than just a freight community, and we show our appreciation to our agents by hosting these memorable  events year after year. From the epic Summer Bounce House Bash and the notorious annual Christmas party to our unparalleled sales incentives programs, we take every opportunity to celebrate and connect with our remarkable agents. 

The Bounce House Bash is just one part of our year-long efforts to build a company that supports your lifestyle . . . not the other way around. Tallgrass Freight represents the future of freight. Why? Because we’ve created a company culture with a work hard, play hard mindset at its core. We believe in treating people like people and ensuring a space that promotes the ideal work-life balance. 

When joining Tallgrass, you don’t just become a number. You’re welcomed in the Tallgrass family! Tallgrass agents are supported unlike any others in the freight ecosystem. We are constantly encouraging our agents to grow and cultivate their own success. Sound like a freight family you’d  like to be a part of? Start the conversation with us today.