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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Company Culture

Here at Tallgrass, we’re confident we’ve built the best freight agent program in the country. But when it comes to your freight career, we know it’s important to do the research and weigh your options. The right freight agent program for you will be able to positively answer all your questions. So, straight from our freight experts, welcome to our guide to finding the right freight agent program for you. We started our guide with how to evaluate compensation. Next up, we’re shining the light on company culture. 

If you’re currently focused on cultivating a successful career in the freight industry, then you’ll want to find the right freight agent program with a culture fitting your lifestyle and needs. You’ll want a team that cheers you on, colleagues who have been in your shoes and people who truly want you to succeed. 

If you ask our outstanding freight agents what sets TGF apart from our competitors, you’ll hear a similar response: our culture. At Tallgrass, our freight brokers are more than team members. They’re part of our family! And, without a doubt, they’re our greatest asset. That’s why we’ve invested time and energy in ensuring we foster and maintain a culture that’s rooted in support and conducive to the success of our agents. 

Ready to find a freight agent program with a culture designed to help you reach new heights? 


A Work Hard, Play Hard Atmosphere 

It’s important to evaluate work-life balance. If you’re a driven freight agent, then we don’t need to tell you twice: the freight industry is demanding. So you’ll want a place that takes care of its people. 

Tightly woven into the TGF DNA is our work hard, play hard way of life. We believe in treating people like people here – ensuring we create a space that encourages work-life balance. It’s gratifying to witness the camaraderie and collaboration that’s become ingrained in our culture. And a piece of that puzzle comes from the numerous events we host throughout the year – from family picnics and barbecue competitions to our infamous Christmas Party.


A Culture that Celebrates Achievement

If you’re going to work hard, you deserve to be rewarded for it! When it comes to how to find the right freight agent program, be sure to ask about sales incentives and rewards programs. What about sales contests? Trips and travel rewards? And, candidly, is the company offering rewards you actually want?

We love every opportunity to recognize and reward our freight agents for their successes – that’s why we’ve created unparalleled performance-based incentives, like our Elite Circle, Diamond Club and Club 200 programs. 

Instead of rewarding top-line revenue, both of these programs focus on gross profit revenue generated. From $5,000 Delta Airlines travel vouchers and trips to Las Vegas to once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences, we’ve designed our sales incentives as a way to praise the tenacity, integrity and drive that our like-minded team of agents share. 


An Emphasis on Continuing Education

A number of freight agent programs provide training during the onboarding process, but it often stops there. Beyond that, furthering personal and professional development is not baked into their infrastructure. So when you’re searching for the right freight agent program, you’ll want to ask: what will this company do to help me grow?

At Tallgrass, continuing freight agent education is so important that we have a team member dedicated to exactly that: our VP of Growth & Development. Sean Richardson partners with agents during their first 90 days and beyond to help establish a positive growth trajectory early in the process. “Our goal is to mitigate obstacles they’re running into, celebrate their wins, help them replicate successful habits and provide the resources needed to thrive,” Sean explains. 

But the mentorship and support don’t stop there. Through a plethora of programs, including our Agent Roundtable event, we empower our agents with resources, tools and education needed for sustainable growth. Whether that’s building out a powerful team, financial planning, leveraging organization tools to drive more business or diversifying income streams, no one ever flies solo at TGF. 


An Award-Winning Culture

Let’s be honest: Any company can toot its own horn. So in searching for the right freight agent program, it’s smart to do your homework. What kinds of recognition has the company received? How about awards? Objective measures of the company’s success give you a good indicator of how stable their company culture is. Flash-in-the-pan types need not apply.

It’s incredibly humbling to receive local and national recognition year after year. Even in 2020 — a time where many companies struggled — we were able to sweep the awards once again. We’re proud of our financial success, of course, but we’re the most humbled to be named one of Kansas City’s Best Places to Work, year over year.

“Our foundation is built on our team. We invest in our people and we celebrate each win,” says co-owner and COO David Barnes. “Nothing can replace the trust and camaraderie that’s baked into everything we do. We have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day.”


Staying True to Our Roots, Corporate Values, Vision & Mission

Our mission is to build the best brokerage in the country, and we do it by never deviating from our corporate values. “At Tallgrass, you’re not just another number. We genuinely care about each and every single one of our agents, and we will continue to go the extra mile to show how invested we are in their success,” shares David Barnes. 

Our first days in our Kansas farmhouse headquarters laid the foundation for the company we’ve become today – and we’ll always treasure and embrace where we came from. 

Speaking to our roots and success, CEO Damon Anderson shares, “We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished, but we’re far prouder of the people behind those accomplishments. Because of the culture we’ve cultivated since day one, we’ve stayed true to our mission of building a company of like-minded individuals who treat each other the right way.”


When you join Tallgrass Freight, you earn what you deserve, receive unrivaled support and mentorship and become part of a culture built to help you thrive. Ready to take the next step? Join the team as a freight agent today.