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Introducing the Tallgrass Freight Co. Corporate Values

Here at Tallgrass Freight, agents find both the freedom and support they need to thrive. With the right people who treat each other the right way, we strive to represent the future of freight brokerage. And extends to our corporate values.

Why corporate values — and why now, years after we opened our doors? As we grow, it’s never been more important to remember what grounds us. Tallgrass Freight is a destination company for top-tier agents who want to thrive. We’re growing quickly and celebrating milestone after milestone . . . from our Club 200, Diamond Club and Elite Circle, to hiring our leadership dream team and expanding our office footprint, to sweeping the awards and so much more.

We rolled out these values in 2020, but we’ve been living these values out for far longer. Tallgrass Freight opened its doors in 2012 — so these values are time-tested. Forget about fluffy phrases created just to hang on the wall, or to rattle off every once in a while during team meetings. These are bigger than that: these are in our team’s DNA. These are not only the values we were founded on, but also the values our agents showcase every day!

Explore our Tallgrass Freight Co. corporate values.


We’re persistent and resilient. We have grit and we always bounce back.


No one ever flies solo at Tallgrass Freight. When one of us succeeds, we all win.


We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We treat everyone with respect. People come first, no matter what.


We work with consistency and dedication. We hustle with intention. We stick together and value our TGF community.


Today will always be better than yesterday. We approach the freight industry with an entrepreneurial mindset. We’re constantly innovating and improving.

We’re actively recruiting freight professionals to join our independent agent network, and our values make sure we’re all on the same page. If these values resonate, that’s a great way to begin the conversation about joining the team!


Updated March 2021