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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Compensation

Here at Tallgrass, we’re confident we’ve built the best freight agent program in the country. But when it comes to your freight career, we know it’s important to do the research and weigh your options. The right freight agent program for you will be able to positively answer all your questions. So, straight from our freight experts, welcome to our guide to finding the right freight agent program for you. First things first, let’s talk money. 

When you’re looking to align yourself with a freight agent program and take the next step in your freight career, the first question is usually about dollars and cents: How much does the company pay?

It’s a wise way to start the conversation, and we don’t have to tell you why. You deserve to earn what you’re worth! Paychecks are powerful. Taking home competitive compensation allows you to provide for your family and live the kind of lifestyle you want. It’s that simple. Let’s dive into what you should look for when it comes to freight agent compensation.


Transparency and Authenticity

The right freight agent program won’t beat around the bush when it comes to numbers. Excellent freight agent programs answer your compensation questions with transparency and authenticity.

When you’re talking about joining a freight agent network, clarity is everything. Complicated formulas? Dancing around the dollar signs? That’s a sign to run.

Well-run freight agent programs should be straightforward and honest, and happily explain compensation models in detail. And if they’re not forthcoming from the first conversation? Just imagine the shadiness you could expect partnering with that company.

Now, transparency and authenticity is what we’re known for here at Tallgrass Freight. In fact, integrity is one of our core values. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We treat everyone with respect. People come first, no matter what.


First-in-class Compensation

The way you’re paid should mirror what you value. If you’re ambitious and entrepreneurial, your pay structure should be too. When you’re hustling and growing your book of business, you deserve to be compensated accordingly. And how about benefits? If you’re going to work hard, your company should work hard for you. Consider the full package when you’re evaluating a freight agent program.

When you align yourself with Tallgrass Freight, you’re aligning yourself with a team of passionate and driven individuals who reap our first-in-class financial perks and compensation program. We’ve developed a culture steeped in entrepreneurship. We know our freight agents are chasing big things . . . hey, we are too. This is why we offer high splits and industry-leading compensation.

Beyond the paycheck, our freight agents also have access to top-tier benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. It’s a benefits package we’re proud to offer. And to top it off, our agents also learn from nationally-known financial planning experts and get resources needed to manage money well at our Agent Roundtable event.

From no commission caps to generously-high splits, if you’re looking for a freight agent program that values its ambitious and tenacious team, look no further. It’s time you earned the type of compensation you work hard for.


Sales Incentives and Rewards Programs

When you’re evaluating a freight agent program, look beyond the paycheck. What kinds of sales rewards does the company offer? If you’re the type who goes above and beyond, you’ll want an incentive program that can keep up with you. Does the company hold sales contests? What about trips and travel vouchers? And be honest with yourself: is the company offering rewards you actually want?

Here at Tallgrass, the answers to those questions are yes, yes and hell yes. Our sales incentives are designed to maximize earning potential and, of course, celebrate the achievements of our freight agents.

One of the ways we communicate how much we value and appreciate individual accomplishments? Our annual Club 200 trip to Las Vegas! Agents who qualify for Club 200 have generated over $200,000 in gross profit for the calendar year. We commemorate the milestone by treating these agents and their plus-ones to the kind of fun only Vegas can offer.

Brokers who earn $500,000 or more in gross margin claim their space in our Diamond Club rewards program. These are some of our top performers. And to be frank, we believe their ambition and success warrants praise and epic rewards. Like what? Oh, you know, just a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, along with a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher! The destination is up to you!

And our recently-unveiled Elite Circle honors the crème de la crème of our freight agents. For those who hit the remarkable feat of producing $1 million in margin for the year, the reward is an unbeatable experience for two to any bucket list-style event, anywhere in the world. The Masters? An unforgettable African safari? The opportunity to see the Northern Lights? Nothing’s off the table. That’s just how we do things here at Tallgrass.


Tap Into Unlimited Growth Potential

Unlike other freight agent programs, which are overly complex or constantly changing, we focus on what matters most: providing unrivaled resources and tools designed to empower our agents to thrive and succeed. We’re passionate about investing in our agents and helping them grow their books of business, so they can truly earn what they deserve.

We provide our agents with the autonomy and flexibility to take control of their future and create their ideal lifestyle – all by supplying them with matchless back-office support and ongoing mentorship. And the best part? We’re never complacent. We are always on the hunt for ways to improve, inspire and keep things fresh.

Whether it’s our annual Roundtable event or our much-anticipated Christmas party, Tallgrass freight offers so much more than just our industry-leading compensation program (though we can’t deny the allure of that). At TGF, it’s also about our collaborative, family-like atmosphere, culture rooted in support and environment that emphasizes work-life balance.


Ready to begin a new chapter in your career? Learn more about becoming a TGF freight agent now.