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Make 2021 Your Year By Earning What You Deserve

Now that we’ve kissed 2020 goodbye, there’s no better time than the start of a new year to reflect on where you are professionally and map out your freight broker career goals for the upcoming year. Isn’t it time you started earning what you deserved?

We don’t know if you’ve heard the news recently or anything (insert sarcasm here). 2020 wasn’t the rosiest picture for most companies. Furloughs, commission trims and layoffs were the norm.

But hey, we’re not the norm here at Tallgrass Freight. 

Other companies stood still, but Tallgrass kept going and kept growing. Our industry-leading compensation stayed strong as ever. As our COO and co-owner David Barnes says, “To come out of the year we’ve had, where we are today, is truly remarkable. There are not many companies out there, anywhere, who can celebrate the magnitude of growth we’ve achieved in 2020.”

If you’re ready to start earning what you deserve, it’s time to make 2021 your year.


Reap the financial rewards of unlimited growth

Some companies rely on an ever-changing compensation plan and an intricate hierarchy structure. But not us. We empower our agents by helping them do what they do best: nurturing and developing lasting relationships while delivering exemplary customer service. 

That’s what we love doing at Tallgrass: invest in our people. Because we’re invested in our agents, they grow their books and start earning what they deserve.

“Our foundation is built on our team,” says co-owner and COO David Barnes. “We invest in our people and we celebrate each win. Nothing can replace the trust and camaraderie that’s baked into everything we do. We work hard, play hard and have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day.”

The ability to control your own destiny and start earning what you deserve, while having the back-office support and mentorship needed to drive your business to new heights is unlike anything you’ll find in the logistics landscape. As one freight agent says, “I love that Tallgrass’s focus remains the same every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team of agents or individuals, new agents or veterans, Tallgrass is consistently offering resources to those that need it along with encouragement and support.” 


Enjoy our industry-leading compensation program

The catalyst behind our continued success: our people. No question. They truly are our greatest asset. Because of this, we are passionate about providing the financial rewards and recognition freight agents deserve for their hard work. And we’re not shy about it. 

We offer an extremely competitive compensation program — complete with high splits, crucial health, dental and vision benefits, as well as incentives for maximizing one’s income via sales programs like the Diamond Club and Club 200

At the heart of our supportive culture is an environment rooted in celebration. Commemorating each of our agent’s accomplishments is woven into the DNA of our company. One of our favorite ways of communicating our appreciation? Through our Club 200 trip to Las Vegas! The annual trip is a way for us to honor the successes of our team – and let’s be honest: you can’t beat a weekend of shows, Blackjack and incredible dining in Vegas. 

Club 200 recognizes agents in accordance with gross profits generated on revenue (in lieu of solely rewarding top-line revenue). Agents who are inducted into Club 200 have produced over $200,000 in gross profits over the calendar year. 

Similarly, our Diamond Club rewards program was designed to celebrate our highest performing agents – with Diamond Club members earning $500,000 or more in gross margin. Tenacity, ambition, and drive lead to epic achievements. And epic achievements . . . well, they require monumental praise and iconic rewards. 

Freight agents who hit this level of success are given a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, along with a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Freight agents can choose their destination and how they ultimately use their rewards! 


Isn’t it time you started earning what you deserve? 

We are constantly looking for ways to keep things fresh and motivations high, whether it’s through a Super Bowl-themed sales contest or events like our legendary Christmas party or annual Agent Roundtable event. It’s not just about dollars (though, we bet you’ll put those to good use). It’s also about our culture, family-like atmosphere, and commitment to work-life balance

With uncapped commission and enticing perks, the possibilities are limitless at Tallgrass Freight. And what’s more, we furnish agents with valuable resources and world-class back-office support to ensure they have the tools needed to flourish and succeed. 


Make 2021 your year!

If you’re focused on cultivating a successful future in the freight industry, then you’ll want to align yourself with an unparalleled team of like-minded individuals who enjoy the plethora of financial perks and benefits offered here at Tallgrass Freight. Forget the outdated “climb the corporate ladder” strategy and instead, tap into the entrepreneurial opportunity at Tallgrass.

Are you ready to make 2021 your year? Learn more about becoming a TGF freight agent today.