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Reframing your Mindset: Four Ways to Develop a Success-Oriented Perspective

To really thrive as a freight broker, your mindset can make all the difference in reaching success. Sometimes it’s all about reframing your mindset on daily business activities in order to see a corresponding uptick in growth and profitability. 

You don’t need to be born with any special skills or attributes, you simply need to learn best practices, implement them and watch them strengthen through diligence and a willingness to thrive. So, how exactly can you start reframing your mindset to one that’ll unlock new doors to success? Here are four tips you can put into practice today. 


1 | Reframe Big Goals with a Clear Action Plan

Let’s face it: large goals can feel daunting. But goals feel less intimidating when you break them down into smaller, manageable pieces.

The truth is, we accomplish new things every single day. We tend to lose focus when we forget to track their progress in a systematic way. And, without understanding the connection between the current tasks on your plate and where you see yourself in the future, that often derails goals. That’s where micro-goals come into play. 

By breaking big goals down into smaller, achievable micro-goals, tasks become easier to digest. When you focus on concrete actions, you’ll find the momentum needed to propel you forward (and closer to your goals). Leaning on micro-goals is a powerful way to shift your mentality and push through tasks you need to complete in order to grow. 

Here’s an example: if you need to make 100 cold calls today, that may feel insurmountable. But when you break that task down into achievable micro-goals, you change your mindset and reframe the undertaking. In this instance, instead of 100 cold calls per day, look at it as 12 calls per hour in an eight-hour day. Now that’s something you can accomplish! 


2 | Reframe Your Follow-Ups: You’re Not Bothering Your Prospects!

Take the words “I don’t want to bug them” out of your vocabulary! This is what divides the industry’s most successful freight agents from those who fall short. Instead of viewing your prospecting work as a nuisance or feeling afraid you’ll aggravate the person on the other line, change your mindset. 

You’re setting yourself apart from the competition by proactively communicating with prospects in your pipeline. And look at it like this: if you don’t follow up with your prospects, you’re doing them a disservice! You’re offering something they need: freight capacity. When you don’t follow up, you take the decision-making power away from them. 

Remember, you genuinely care about helping these individuals — and they can truly benefit from what you are offering. You’re addressing their challenges and needs, and serving them with an excellent freight solution.


3 | Reframe a Good Fit: Ask Qualifying Questions 

Too many freight agents get stuck taking on any and every customer. To build a sustainable business, everyone needs to invest time in prospecting, to be sure. But the key lies in knowing your self-worth and looking for legitimate businesses that are high-quality, equally invested in the relationship and can stand the test of time. 

While the freight service you provide can be advantageous to many, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be everything to everyone. Take the time to research prospects and have the confidence to ask the right qualifying questions (on a friendly note!) to ensure a potential customer is the right fit for you. You want to align yourself with companies that are going to yield long term value. 


4 | Reframe Success: Define What a Win Looks Like in Every Interaction

Most of us equate sales with success. And that’s a great way to stay persistent! But when you have a day without a sale, you can end the day frustrated. Expand your mindset to define what success looks like for that unique interaction.

Before you pick up the phone and start dialing a prospect, you should be able to answer the following question: “What is my goal?” Success isn’t always synonymous with landing a sale. Instead, alter your perspective in a way that embraces small wins, such as nurturing a relationship with a client or ensuring you remain top-of-mind with one of your leads. 


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