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Five Secrets to Fast-Track Success

Here at Tallgrass Freight Co., we’re building the best freight brokerage in the country with our exceptional team of agents. Eager to take your freight agency from good to great, and grow with intention? Explore our secrets to fast-track success:


1 | Invest in learning and research

In this industry, things can change quickly and the most successful agents stay ahead of the curve. Learn everything you need to be an expert in both the industry and in the market as a whole: read articles, talk to other agents and be aware of what’s going on around you, both in the world and in the market.  

Dedicate time each week to learning, and you’ll be ready when the unexpected takes place. In order to excel, you need to have the ability to adjust on the fly. Furthermore, knowing the landscape allows you to strengthen your own networking and prospecting strategy. Doing your research equips you to pivot when needed and serve your clients with confidence.

have a plan to be successful

2 | Organize your day — and execute your plan

Agents with the highest (and fastest!) rates of success thrive with both a strong work ethic and a thorough plan. To position yourself for success, establish a profitable routine. A great strategy — one of the five things successful freight agents do each day — is to organize your day by tasks that will yield the most return. 

Ask yourself this question: “What’s my best next chance of scoring a win? What’s my next best tactic to strengthen my book of business?” Consider beginning by updating your existing loads and customers on the status of their freight, then move into prospecting calls. Begin with the tactics that deliver, and then build your day from there. Every hour makes a difference when you want to fast-track your freight agent success, so plan your day accordingly.


3 | Position yourself for growth

If your freight agency is stagnant, you run the risk of heading towards a decline. And even the most ambitious agents can expect some client turnover — a fraction that’s no fault of their own, but due to a company closure or change in management. So to position yourself for growth, there are some smart things you can do.

Put in the legwork to retain your active business. Work to provide superb customer service and you’re on the right track. Do what it takes to increase your gross margin percentage. And never forget about prospecting for new business. Keep making those cold calls. Never lose sight of your roots, and always work to create new contacts and increase your book.

team success

4 | Use your resources

You don’t have to go it alone as an independent agent. Here at Tallgrass, we have the resources to help our agents strive for growth and get there quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from experienced agents — and learn from them. Connect with mentors and colleagues to become successful.

Be a sponge. Absorb every piece of information and advice you come across. You can eliminate struggle by allowing yourself to grow from others’ recommendations and words of wisdom. 


5 | Keep up smart habits

The freight business is a tough industry — and with ambition and tenacity, you can thrive. Day after day, fast-track success requires consistent dedication and work ethic. When you hear “no,” don’t let that get you down. Keep serving clients with excellence, keep making those calls and get after it right out of the gate. There are no shortcuts, but there are smart habits. 


At Tallgrass, independent freight agents find both the freedom and the support they need to thrive. Learn more about becoming an agent today.