Tallgrass Freight Agents Share How They Finally Achieved Work-Life Balance

Tallgrass Freight Agents Share How They Finally Achieved Work-Life Balance

When you hear the term “work-life balance,” it likely causes an immediate reaction. Maybe you’re indifferent—you haven’t thought much about it. Or maybe it sparks frustration because the concept feels out of reach. Yet talk to our Tallgrass Freight agents, and they’ll share promising news: it is possible to build a challenging, fulfilling career and have a life while doing it!

One of the big problems with the notion of work-life balance is that it tends to be unfairly applied to women, who are expected to work or manage a household or raise a family — or all of the above!

Those sorts of mythical expectations are exactly what we wanted to avoid when we set out to build our freight agent network. Instead, we encourage our freight agents to embrace their inner entrepreneurs. And in chatting with two of our agents, that approach has changed their lives for the better.

Adina joined Tallgrass Freight in December 2018 after spending several years working for global logistics companies.

“I gravitated away from them because I wanted what I eventually found in Tallgrass Freight: freedom to manage my own book of business without having to report to someone,” Adina says.

Miranda and her freight agent partner, Laura, joined Tallgrass Freight in February 2018. Miranda says Tallgrass Freight’s entrepreneurial culture helped solidify her decision to become a freight agent.

“I decided to go with Tallgrass Freight because the commission structure was one of the best that I had come across,” she says. “And TGF is a smaller company that gave me that start-up vibe, not a corporate, stuffy company. It was a great time for me to sync up with them.”

The longer Miranda and Adina work with Tallgrass Freight, the more they benefit from the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

“I definitely see the work-life balance benefit,” Miranda says. “I spend a good portion of the year traveling to different locations, and I’ve been able to take some really amazing trips and still work. The flexibility is awesome.”

Adina loves to travel, too, and says becoming a Tallgrass Freight agent has changed her life “tremendously.”

“I’m able to live comfortably and do things that are enriching and give me more enjoyment,” she says. “Traveling is one of my favorite things that I’m finally able to do. It’s so easy with Tallgrass — I pack up my laptop, make sure my phone is plugged in and I can work from anywhere, any time.”

Now that Adina’s been able to ditch a two-hour daily commute, she also has more time for other interests, including cooking and spending time at the gym.

“Before Tallgrass Freight, I had no life,” she says. “I was tired as soon as I got home. I had no balance and I think that’s so important to being happy in general — spending time other than in the office and in the car.”

And there’s another upside to Tallgrass Freight, too. Freight agents are their own bosses, but that doesn’t mean they’re left to fend for themselves. Tallgrass Freight provides a full range of resources and, as Adina and Miranda have seen firsthand, are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

“They really make their agents feel welcome,” Miranda says. “They offer help and support when there are issues — they’re easy to reach and are very efficient in getting things done.”

Adds Adina, “During training, I made a comment about ‘employees,’ and I think it was Damon (TGF Founder & CEO) who jokingly yelled at me. He sees everyone at Tallgrass Freight as family members. Working for bigger companies, it’s the opposite dynamic. You feel like you’re just a number and that anyone could come and replace me at any time. To have someone say that about me and see their passion about who they choose to join their work family—it makes me happy.”

Now, it’s your turn. Whether you want to finally achieve work-life balance or you simply need a change of pace in your career, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about becoming a Tallgrass Freight agent and let us know if you have any questions.