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Chase the Money, Not the Title

Think about where you are in your career. Now, what do you want to accomplish next? What goal are you working toward? Here’s a thought: instead of trying to climb the ladder to various titles, focus instead on unleashing your earning potential with an ownership mentality. That’s where we come in.

At Tallgrass Freight, we don’t get caught up in corporate office minutiae like titles or micro-management. Instead, we’ve built a powerful freight agent network that empowers our freight agents to work wherever they want and be their own boss.

That’s because in our own past corporate experience, we realized that too many freight agents get caught in an unproductive cycle of infinitesimal—or even lateral—growth because they’ve been told to aspire to be a director or a manager instead of what they should be: the boss!

When we founded Tallgrass Freight Company in 2012, we did away with complicated org charts, redundant titles and other hindrances to growth like always-changing comp plans.

Instead, our freight agents are free to focus on what they know and do best: develop and nurture their book of business while delivering exemplary logistics services. All of our freight agents are backed by our world-class back office support, which means we handle the operations side—and that gives agents even more time and freedom to focus their talent and attention on growth and revenue.

Working as a Tallgrass Freight agent is the best of both worlds: controlling your own destiny with a business owner mentality while knowing that the administrative side of your business is in competent, capable hands. Plus, throughout your Tallgrass Freight journey, we’ll give you access to resources like our continuing education series so that you can learn more about being a small business owner and how you can apply that mentality to your own career.

Let’s revisit the question we asked at the beginning of the post. What do you want to accomplish in your career? What goal(s) are you working toward? If you’re ready to accelerate your professional growth and earning potential, we’re waiting to hear from you.