Take Charge of Your Career:
Become a Tallgrass Freight Agent

What if you could focus on what you love most about being a freight broker: taking care of your customers and building your business?

Escape the anxiety and limited growth potential that comes with always-changing comp plans, tumultuous C-suite shake-ups, or dreaded micro-management.

Join the Tallgrass Freight agent network and you’ll have the tools and support to not just grow, but also to thrive.

Earn more, stress less

High percentage splits

Benefits provided

Work from anywhere

Be your own boss: you’ve built your career. Shouldn’t you call the shots?

Focus on what’s important: Build your client relationships and deliver exemplary services

Cover your posted trucks: spend less time to make more money

Leverage back office support: Our first-class team handles your back office operations

Full access to our tools, including customized CRM system, business set-up, and consulting

Ready to start? We’re excited to hear from you!

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