New Overtime Law will Dramatically Affect Freight Industry

Remain in Charge of your Finances and Career Path

Are you someone who earns less than $47,476 annually as a salaried or hourly employee? If so, you might want to mark Thursday, Dec. 1, on your calendar because big changes are on the way that could directly influence how much money you will take home. A new overtime exemption rule from the Department of Labor is redefining who can qualify for overtime pay, diminishing the opportunities for earning time and a half, just in time for the holidays.

Serving Whose Need?

Because excessive overtime has the potential to diminish overall pay per hour, employers can choose to pay time and a half or raise salaries above the threshold of $47,476. The Department of Labor derived the $47,476 figure from the 40th percentile of full-time, non-hourly paid employees in the lowest-wage census area of the U.S. (the South). Individuals in the lowest-wage census earn $455 per week or $23,669 annually.

 Increasing Scrutiny on Hours Worked

The new rule attempts to help employees who earn too much to qualify for overtime pay. In many cases, these are managers who regularly work more than 40 hours per week and earn less money per hour because of the number of hours worked. While the rule works to shield individuals from excessive hours, employees who rely on overtime pay to make ends meet could find receiving approval for overtime harder than ever before. Instead of paying overtime, the new rule advocates for the distribution of extra hours to an employee who does not yet have 40 hours that week.

Choosing the Entrepreneurial Path

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