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Get to Know Your Support Team

At Tallgrass Freight Co., we’re united in our mission to establish an unparalleled company culture — one rooted in support. We’re passionate about providing our agents the tools and resources to thrive, and that’s the heart of our operations and back office support leadership. 

While we continually strive to innovate and progress, our community and team-based environment will always be the core of who we are. Our people mean the world to us, because when one of us succeeds, we all win. And when you’re part of Tallgrass, you have an expert team here to back you up. Get to know the leaders of our support team, who provide the foundation, infrastructure and guidance to help freight agents achieve new levels of success. 


Mike Clemmons | VP of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Mike is responsible for creating and developing new internal strategies, providing mentorship and support for agents, ensuring TGF is maximizing its potential and implementing seamless and effective company workflows. 

Tallgrass is “a corporate world with a small business mindset,” Mike says. As one of the first to join the Tallgrass team, Mike has lived and breathed the Tallgrass culture since its first days. “The culture here is part of what makes us unique. You can always smile and laugh and talk with somebody.”

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Chelsea Pike | VP of Account Services

As the Vice President of Account Services, Chelsea manages a number of areas, including compliance, adjustments, disputes, claims and account management. She considers herself a “jack of all trades” in the logistics world, taking charge of multiple facets of the business. With 14 years of account management and operations experience under her belt, Chelsea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TGF family. “Tallgrass Freight has a passion for people,” Chelsea explains. “I love that about being here.”

Minutes after stepping foot in the Tallgrass Freight office, Chelsea knew this was where she belonged. “Every day I’m talking to real people who are living their dream of owning their own business,” Chelsea says. “I’m able to support them from the back end, whether through claims, compliance or whatever else it may be. That’s what I like about my job.”

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Sean Richardson | Vice President of Growth & Development

In his role, Vice President of Growth & Development, Sean provides training and mentorship for new Tallgrass agents. With 10+ years of experience in logistics as a freight broker, manager and agency owner, Sean coaches new agents on building their book of business, leveraging sales best practices, organizing their schedule and implementing strategies to jump-start their business. The goal is to help new agents succeed from day one. Having been in their shoes before, Sean is passionate about developing and supporting new agents, supplying them with resources to bolster their growth trajectory.

“I wish I had made the decision to join the company much earlier in my career!” he says. “However, I am so grateful for being welcomed into the TGF community. I was given the tools and support to build my own agency and now I’m excited to continue my professional growth and development in this new role. I’m a really lucky guy.”

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Todd Sanford | Senior Manager of Credit & Collections

With experience in credit, collections and accounting, Todd brings expertise and ingenuity to his role as Senior Manager of Credit and Collections. Todd’s responsibilities cover everything from reviewing new Tallgrass Freight customers and delivering credit lines, to providing an optimal customer experience by furnishing clients with credit line increases. At the end of the day, his focus lies on providing world-class service and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

“Tallgrass values you as an employee,” Todd reflects. “And everyone here respects your work and your opinions.”

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Tim Bateman | CFO & Data Expert

Tallgrass Freight’s CFO and Data Expert, Tim Bateman, handles sales analytics, cash flow forecasting and more to ensure Tallgrass is thriving financially. Tim loves the opportunity to be among like-minded individuals at Tallgrass, and enjoys keeping his finger on the financial pulse of Tallgrass.

“It’s a great team here,” Tim says. “It’s the culture, the true family culture. You’re part of the team, and I like that aspect of partnering with Tallgrass so much.”

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At Tallgrass Freight, we provide agents with both the freedom and the support they need to build a successful business. Sharing qualities like integrity, tenacity and ambition, our team works hard and plays hard. There’s never been a better time to become a Tallgrass agent. Experience a culture and career you can’t find anywhere else by joining our independent agent network today!