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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Technology

At Tallgrass, we’ve worked diligently to build the best freight agent program in the country. We know a pivotal part of making a career change lies in conducting research and weighing your options. And it’s important to get answers to all your questions about freight agent program technology to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

That’s why we’ve created this guide – replete with information you need to find the right freight agent program for you. First, we explored how to evaluate compensation and company culture. Then, we shined the light on the importance of stability and success. Next up, we’re highlighting the technology side of the equation. 

To build a thriving logistics career, you need the tools to succeed, especially the right technology. You need to be part of a freight agent program that does more than issue you a login, a phone extension and leave you to fend for yourself.  

There are off-the-shelf solutions out there, sure. But none of them can compare to our custom Tallgrass Freight CRM. In part five of our “How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program” series, we’re digging into why freight agent technology is crucial to cultivating a successful career in the logistics industry. Explore why technology is such an important factor to consider when finding the right freight agent program for you, and how Tallgrass stands high above the rest.


A Homegrown Freight CRM — Designed with Freight Agents in Mind

Unparalleled technology is crucial. After all, you deserve to have the best resources right at your fingertips. And your customers deserve the kind of service you can deliver with industry-leading technology! Off-the-shelf CRM systems just don’t cut it. 

We invested more than two years and more than $1 million dollars in our custom internal CRM system. (Just let that sink in for a second. We’ll wait.)

Debuting in April 2021, our internal freight CRM system incorporates a wide variety of features to enhance the user experience. To emphasize the importance of having a culture rooted in community and support, we designed a new homepage, replete with social media feeds, the latest company announcements, performance stats and essential information surrounding a freight agent’s book of business. 

Because our system is tailor-made — by freight experts, for freight experts! — our freight agents have the tools needed to accelerate their growth and streamline daily tasks. For example, our CRM includes an intuitive booking system, robust customer reporting capabilities, easy accessibility to training and other valuable documents, including resources surrounding customer onboarding, compliance and Club 200, as well as a detailed carrier information page for agents to view timelines, transactions and more. We’ve lovingly named our system the “Tallgrass Freight Cash Register,” because it’s designed to help our team make more money. (Mic drop.)


Distinct Technology in a League of Its Own 

When you’re evaluating various CRM technology a freight agent program offers, it’s important to assess whether a company is using a pre-packaged platform. Why? Because a majority of companies using off-the-shelf CRM systems face limitations in terms of the program’s breadth of capabilities. Pre-packaged solutions only go so far . . . which means your career can only go so far.

At TGF, with our homegrown system, we have the capacity to implement changes that align with the evolving needs of our agents, optimizing their quality of life and work/life balance. Every agent at Tallgrass also enjoys a privatized experience working within our CRM. Many freight broker technology lacks this type of functionality. When you join our freight agent programs, your book of business will be protected, as we don’t allow our team to access details like their colleagues’ shipments, how much they’re making or crucial customer data. 


Support & Unparalleled Technology – All Within Reach

We never shy away from investing in the growth and success of our agents. Never. Innovation is in our DNA. As we look towards the future, we will continue evolving our technology to streamline responsibilities and ensure the agent experience is quick and efficient. We believe the right freight agent technology is crucial for work/life balance, as well as supplying agents with the bandwidth needed to focus on growth and revenue generation.

Our CRM is just one of the many ways in which we support our agents. In addition to our dedicated in-house tech support, we’ve built a world-class back-office support team to ensure our agents have the infrastructure and guidance needed to catapult their growth to new heights. 

And what good is excellent technology without an excellent team behind it? Let’s face it: Nothing derails your day like a tech support issue or a system hiccup. Our operations team is always a phone call or an email away (and if you’re in our Kansas City flagship office, they’re just down the hallway). No disconnected outsourced IT department here. Expect real support from real humans when you need it, to get you back up and running fast.


When we say the sky’s the limit, that’s not just a cute marketing slogan. That’s the truth. Our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register allows freight agents to more than double their productivity, without breaking a sweat! And scalability is another key advantage. Just imagine what the right technology could do for your freight career! Ready to join an award-winning company with some of the best freight agent technology in the industry? Take the next step by joining the Tallgrass team today.