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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Success & Stability

Here at Tallgrass, we’re confident we’ve built the best freight agent program in the country. But when it comes to your freight career, we know it’s important to do the research and weigh your options. The right freight agent program for you will be able to positively answer all your questions. So, straight from our freight experts, welcome to our guide to finding the right freight agent program for you. We started our guide with how to evaluate compensation and company culture. Next up, we’re shining the light on success and stability. 

When it comes to cultivating a thriving career in the logistics industry, it’s imperative to align yourself with a freight agent program that has a proven track record of stability and success. Why? Because you deserve to be among the best in the business. And no one wants to join a team where job security is a constant source of stress and anxiety. 

In the next part of our “How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program” series, we’re delving into the importance of working alongside a company with the level of support, resources and stability needed to take your career to new heights. 


A Reputation Defined by Ongoing Success

Maintaining success year over year is no easy feat. The right freight agent program won’t just talk the talk, they’ll have the credentials to back it up via their performance history and accomplishments. You’ll want to look for a company with a track record, and proven success over time.

Some companies make a splash, receive one award and flaunt that puppy for decades. At Tallgrass, however, we’re not the flash-in-the-pan types. We’re in it for the long haul. We’ve created a work hard, play hard environment that celebrates each win and provides our agents with long-term, fulfilling careers.

It’s because of our team’s tenacity and passion that we continue to receive local and national recognition for our growth and success each year. In addition to recently ranking 37th on Inc.’s list of the 250 fastest-growing private companies in our region, we also swept the awards once again in 2020. We’re immensely grateful to have earned the following accolades, year over year over year:

  • Inc. 5000 Series: America’s Top Businesses in the Midwest
  • Inc. 5000
  • Kansas City Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • Kansas City Business Journal Fast 50
  • Ingram’s Top 100


An Infrastructure Built for Stability

You have plenty on your plate ensuring your customers are taken care of. So you shouldn’t need to worry about credit from carriers! You shouldn’t need to worry about getting paid! Look for a freight agent program with a reputation for stability. After all, it’s the foundation your career will grow on.

Here at Tallgrass, we’ve always been proud of our record of stability. And we passed that test yet again in 2020. Despite the challenges faced around the globe, we’re extremely thankful and humbled to say we were able to rise above the pandemic and experience success. 

Some companies hit the brakes, but we kept moving forward. No furloughs, no layoffs, no commission trims or salary cuts. Our team of agents continue to break barriers and drive our growth. It’s because of their integrity, ambition and hard work that we were able to weather an unprecedented year and come out on top. In a year where many stood still, we were able to expand our team and welcome some incredibly talented individuals to the Tallgrass family.

We’ve invested our time and energy into creating a culture rooted in transparency, support and collaboration, and it’s because of this that we are able to provide our freight agents with stability and security. Even in a turbulent economic landscape, our freight agents never had to worry about credit from carriers or not receiving their paychecks.  


Next year, Tallgrass will be raising a glass to toast to our 10th year in business. Now that’s a testament! As we look towards the future, we couldn’t be more excited to continue expanding our freight agent program and building out our team of entrepreneurial-minded freight agents across the country. Ready to join a freight agent program with the breadth of tools and resources you need to thrive? Join the TGF family today.