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Own Your Own Freight Agency? What You’ll Find at Tallgrass Freight

Running your own independent freight agency? There’s probably a lot you love. The autonomy, being your own boss, work-from-anywhere flexibility, no corporate compensation caps, flexing your entrepreneur muscles . . . yeah, it’s a pretty sweet gig! 

But flying solo has its drawbacks. Working with customers 24/7 — plus managing every aspect of back office operations at the same time — gets draining fast. When you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s hard to know how to grow. Accessing insurance and health benefits can be a (pricey!) headache. And, let’s be honest, running your own freight agency gets a little lonely sometimes. 

When CEO Damon Anderson started Tallgrass Freight, he envisioned a company where independent freight agents could have the best of both worlds. He envisioned a company with all of the perks — and none of the downsides! — of running your own freight agency.

Explore what you’ll find when you come to Tallgrass as an independent freight broker.


Own Agency TGF


Best-in-Class Support

Here at Tallgrass, we believe independent freight agents deserve excellent freight technology. You’ll have access to our robust carrier database and our state-of-the-art custom TMS. And there’s the technical support as well . . . because, let’s be honest, you wanted to be a freight agent, not a do-it-yourself IT department.

Our back-office support team is truly the best in the business. You’ll enjoy top-tier support with invoicing, carrier relations and collections. Just imagine how much time you’ll save when all of that is off your plate — and how much more you can earn when you get time back to focus on customers!

And our Tallgrass freight agents get support, coaching and mentorship from pros dedicated to fueling growth. We’ve established a culture rooted in support. When one of us succeeds, we all win. From quick pointers to long-term coaching, we’re dedicated to helping the passionate freight agents on our ever-expanding team thrive. 


Flexibility and Stability

Running your own show is exciting. You’re in charge of your destiny! But on the flip side of entrepreneurship is uncertainty. When you join our independent agent network, however, you have the backing of a strong, stable company.

Just picture it: No worries about credit from carriers. No worries about getting paid! Reliable back office operations. Sounds like a dream? It’s real life here at Tallgrass Freight.


A Real Team

To grow your business, it helps to have a community cheering you on, and freight veterans who have been in your shoes before. Running your own company gets a little lonely sometimes, right? Here at Tallgrass, you can stay independent, but stop flying solo.

Here, you’ll be part of a culture of integrity, tenacity and family — we treat people like people. You’ll be part of a real community with freight agents just like you.

Our culture extends to our fun events too, like our monthly State of the Union gatherings, family picnics, barbecue competitions and the EPIC annual TGF Christmas Party! All are opportunities to come together with fellow freight agents and just have fun.


Industry-Leading Compensation

When you partner with Tallgrass Freight, you’ll earn a high compensation package far above the industry norm. The sky is truly the limit! Curious? See what you can make with our compensation calculator!

Even above the high split, our highest performing agents have access to incredible sales incentives. No other freight company offers perks like our Club 200 all-expenses-paid trip for two to Las Vegas or our Diamond Club, which offers you more than $8,000 in travel!

And we all know how hard it can be to find cost-effective insurance benefits as an entrepreneur. So here at Tallgrass, we also offer access to health, dental and vision benefits. 


Make Your Move to Tallgrass Freight

Isn’t it time you start earning what you deserve in an environment that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit? Call us today and find out how to become part of our independent freight agent network!