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Introducing Our New Groundbreaking Technology: The Tallgrass Freight CRM

At the core of Tallgrass Freight’s approach to the freight industry is a commitment: we’re building the best freight brokerage in the country. It’s because of this philosophy that we lean into opportunities for innovation and strive to work smarter, not harder.

Today, we are incredibly excited to unveil one of the biggest upgrades we’ve made since our launch in 2012: the Tallgrass Freight CRM! Yesterday, we were a freight brokerage — and today, we’re a technology company that brokers freight. This groundbreaking freight CRM is built by freight experts, for freight experts. And it’s about to make a big splash in the logistics ecosystem.


What Makes the TGF CRM System Unique Compared to Other Freight Companies?

A vast majority of agent programs out there use off-the-shelf CRM systems. With these subpar pre-packaged CRMs, companies and freight brokers are essentially handcuffed to the system’s limited capabilities. These systems aren’t crafted to a freight broker’s unique needs, and cumbersome features end up wasting time . . . time that ought to be spent serving customers, after all!

Knowing full-well the headaches other CRMs can cause, and how an inferior system can stunt career growth, we set out to build the best freight CRM in the country. That’s why we’ve lovingly named our CRM “The Tallgrass Freight Cash Register.” Because it helps our agents make more money and serve customers more efficiently! It’s a career game-changer and an industry game-changer too.

This technology allows our agents to take the best care of their customers, period. At Tallgrass, our system is entirely homegrown, built with an incomparable understanding of what today’s freight brokers really need. Our main focus has been — and will continue to be — implementing technology changes designed to enhance our agent’s quality of life.

Agents who have transitioned to TGF from other organizations have noted that other systems lacked a privatized experience. For example, the lowest producing agent at the company could access the highest producing agent’s book of business. Brokers could see their colleagues’ shipments and how much they were making, and anyone could simply print off an Excel spreadsheet of thousands of customers before hitting the road.

But not so with our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register! At TGF, every agent has a concealed and privatized experience working inside our CRM. We strive to protect their books of business and would never want to leave them completely exposed to losing revenue.

We’re so confident we’ve built the best system for freight agents that we’ll give any off-the-shelf system a run for its money. Really. We’ll go head to head against any other CRM on the market. That’s just what we do here at Tallgrass: we’re always doing everything we can to help our agents thrive. EVERYTHING.


What to Expect From Our Cutting-Edge CRM

Building our custom CRM for freight brokers was absolutely no small feat. Our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register is the result of serious, long-term investment: 2.5 years of talent, time and $1 million in resources. And we’d do it all over again. Why? Because no other freight company invests in its agents like we do! Because of this investment, freight agents can expect this CRM to uplevel their careers in countless ways.

We are incredibly proud to unveil some of the key features of the overall user interface of our CRM system, starting with our freshly-tailored homepage. Now when agents log into their dashboard, they are directed to a screen replete with company announcements, access to our social media feeds, their monthly performance stats and vital data about their books of business. Agents can also see how their average margin and revenue compare to the rest of the company as a whole. Everything is in one place, just where agents need it!

Other system features include:

  • Enriched scope of customer reporting capabilities for enhanced visibility.
  • A streamlined, intuitive shipment booking system with the capacity to police itself, ensuring all items needed to successfully carry out the process are in place.
  • Enhanced commissions viewing on all money earned by an agent.
  • A superior carrier information page with robust details, such as history, transactions and more – all pulled directly from our third-party monitoring service.
  • Easy accessibility to training and other valuable documents, including resources surrounding customer onboarding, compliance and Club 200.
  • A cleaner user interface for a more streamlined user experience.


What our CRM Means for Your Freight Career

Tallgrass has invested incredible resources in time, money and energy in developing and rebuilding the entire foundation of our CRM system. Why? Because our agents deserve the best technology out there. NO ONE ELSE has built a system like this. No one.

When we say the sky’s the limit, we really mean it. Our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register allows freight agents to more than double their productivity, without breaking a sweat! And scalability is another major advantage. Both Tallgrass Freight and our agents have the capacity to expand quickly without sacrificing anything. Now that’s a true game-changer for freight careers.

And this is only the beginning. Going forward, we intend to continue making changes designed to bolster our CRM. The goal is a time-saving, streamlined experience for our team, allowing them to perform tasks quicker and more effectively. By doing so, not only does it lend to an improved work/life balance, but it also allows agents to refocus their efforts towards high-level initiatives, like growing books of business and generating more income.


Our New CRM Is Just One of the Many Ways We Support Our Agents

Our logistics CRM system was built for freight experts by freight experts. Because the brains behind the new implementation possessed a deep level of industry knowledge, they were able to include features designed specifically to help agents better tackle their day-to-day responsibilities. It’s truly a game-changer for a freight agent’s career because they no longer have to sift through the noise and unnecessary features that come with many canned systems.

Our Tallgrass Freight Cash Register is only the latest in how we support our agents. From industry-leading income opportunities and beyond-compare sales incentive programs, to  company culture and ongoing agent education, empowering freight brokers to thrive is in our DNA.

With superior accessibility and intuitive technology customized for the ultimate user experience, it’s never been a better time to make the transition to Tallgrass. Ready to join an award-winning company that puts the needs of its agents first? Take the next step by joining the Tallgrass team today!