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How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program: Continuing Education & Agent Development

At Tallgrass, we’ve worked diligently to build the best freight agent program in the country. We know a pivotal part of making a career change lies in doing your research and weighing your options. We also know a freight agent program must be able to answer all your questions to determine if it’s the right fit for you. 

That’s why we’ve created this guide – with all the information you need to find the right freight agent program for you. First, we explored how to evaluate compensation and company culture. Then, we shined the light on the importance of success and stability and how technology plays a crucial role. Next up, we’re digging into agent development and continuing education. 

Most freight agent programs tend to follow the same formula: onboard a new agent, provide some initial training, then cut that agent loose to fend for themselves. That’s that. Continuing education and agent development programs simply aren’t part of their infrastructure. 

But we’re not most freight agent programs.

At Tallgrass, we’ve built a culture steeped in education and development, providing the support and resources our agents need to thrive. It’s really a no-brainer for us: our people are our greatest asset. And we invest in our agents accordingly. No one does agent education like we do at Tallgrass.

The ongoing education opportunities a freight company offers its agents will speak heavily to how invested they’ll be in your growth and your development. In the next part of our “How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program” series, we’re diving into the importance of being part of a community that provides ample opportunities for agent development and continuing education. 


Resources, Roundtables & a Growth-Oriented Mindset

As every ambitious and driven freight agent knows, freight career success depends on continuously building on your success. (And, yeah, it’s key to taking home a bigger paycheck!) So to find the right freight agent program, be sure to ask about both their philosophy about ongoing growth, including initiatives, seminars, classes and structures that can help you grow as an agent.

“Here at Tallgrass, you’re not just another number,” says COO and co-owner David Barnes.  “We care about you, and we go the extra mile to ensure our agents are taken care of.”

For us, continuing education is a mindset. Cultivating an environment that encourages growth is deeply woven into the fabric of who we are as a company. As freight agent Jake H. shares, “I love that Tallgrass’s focus remains the same every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team of agents or individuals, new agents or veterans, Tallgrass is consistently offering resources to those that need it along with encouragement and support.”

One of our greatest investments is in our annual Agent Roundtable. No one else invests in their agents with an event like the Roundtable — no one. Our annual Freight Agent Roundtable event provides an opportunity for freight agents to come together, learn and further their personal and professional development. We fly agents in from around the country for a whole weekend of growth (and yeah, a lot of fun too).

Every component of our Roundtable is designed to help our agents continuously remain at the top of their game. In 2020 and 2021, for example, we brought in some of the best financial planning experts in the country to discuss ways to diversify income streams, investment strategies, preparing for the future and more. Because when you’re growing your book of business and taking home top compensation, you need to know how to manage it well.

Our Roundtable also features a panel of freight agents — each at varying stages of their career — to provide actionable insights and best practices for achieving sustainable growth. Agents authentically share how they successfully built their business, including expanding their team. From recruiting the right people to compensation to a blueprint of daily responsibilities, the panel called upon their own experience to discuss how hiring an assistant can greatly enhance work/life balance, fuel revenue growth and keep your business organized. 

Then there’s the camaraderie: our Roundtable weekend is truly an agent mastermind. With freight agents from around the country sharing what it looks like to really win. There’s so much to learn from people who have been in your shoes before. And it wouldn’t be a Tallgrass weekend in Kansas City without enjoying some of the best barbecue around together! 


Mentorship and Dedicated Support

To find the right freight agent program for you, always ask what type of support and growth resources you can expect on a daily basis. Has the program structured its team with support in mind? How accessible is upper-level leadership to coach you? What opportunities for mentoring are available?

Continuing education is something we value deeply here at Tallgrass: so deeply, in fact, that we created a leadership role dedicated especially to catapulting agents’ efforts to new heights. Freight expert Sean Richardson, our VP of Growth and Development, partners with agents during their first 90 days and beyond, coaching team members on everything from sales to time management, planning to communication, relationship building and managing your book of business. 

“My focus lies in furnishing the team with practices designed for success, so they can organize their day, track client interactions and inventory and confidently grow their business,” Sean explains. “This jump-starts their Tallgrass career and ensures they’re headed towards a positive growth trajectory earlier rather than later.” By adopting this mindset, we’re proactively mitigating obstacles right from the start and helping agents replicate successful habits. 

And the support doesn’t stop there. We’ve also created a world-class back-office support team to ensure our agents have the infrastructure and unparalleled guidance needed to provide an optimal customer experience and ensure operations run smoothly. Everyone on our team shares the same philosophy: agent development is core to success. You’ll always be surrounded by a group of people who are committed to driving your growth and success.


Tallgrass Freight agent Ross H. says it best: “It’s evident from day one how invested management is in the success of their agents – the infrastructure, support, and resources are all part of their mission to empower their employees.” 

Ready to join an unbeatable team and gain access to the resources, tools and support you need to reach new heights? Learn more about joining our freight agent program today!