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The BEST Freight Brokerage Offers the BEST Compensation

Our team is the catalyst behind our monumental success. No question. People are truly our greatest asset — and because of this, we are passionate about providing them with financial incentives and benefits to show how much we value their hard work. Hey, the best team members deserve top paychecks!

Unlike other freight brokerages, which have overly complex or constantly changing compensation models, we like to narrow in on the resources and tools designed to empower our agents to thrive and succeed. We’re passionate about investing in our agents and helping them grow their books of business, so they can truly earn what they deserve.

From high splits and generous sales rewards to the ability to maximize earning potential with no salary caps, see what it looks like to be part of Tallgrass Freight — and how TGF can help you attain the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about for your freight career. We talk a lot about being the best freight brokerage . . . and here’s what it looks like. 


The Power of Paychecks and Benefits

The way you’re paid in your freight career should mirror what you value. When you’re hustling and growing your book of business, you deserve to be compensated accordingly. 

Uncapped commission and generously-high splits allow you to continually expand your book of business, grow as a freight agent and reach new levels of success. If you’re going to work hard, your company should work hard for you. At Tallgrass, we genuinely care about the well-being of our employees and their families. Beyond the paycheck, we offer our freight agents top-notch benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our agents also learn from nationally-known financial planning experts and gain money-management skills at our Agent Roundtable event. In addition, we give our agents the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. Candidly, our freight agents have everything they need to achieve their lifestyle — including flexibility! 


Rewards Programs to Fuel Success

Our sales programs at Tallgrass pair perfectly with our high splits and top-tier benefits. At the very core of our supportive culture is an environment rooted in celebrating accomplishments. Commemorating each of our agent’s successes is rooted deeply into our DNA. 

One of our favorite ways to show our appreciation is through our Club 200 trip to Las Vegas! The annual trip is a way for us to honor our hardworking team with a weekend of shows, cocktails and incredible dining in Sin City. Club 200 recognizes agents in accordance with the gross profits they generate. Agents who are inducted into Club 200 have produced over $200,000 in gross profits over the calendar year. 

Similarly, our Diamond Club rewards program was designed to celebrate agents earning $500,000 or more in gross margin. Freight agents who hit this level of success are given a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, along with a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Freight agents can choose their destination and how they ultimately use their rewards! 

And for the very upper echelon of Tallgrass Freight agents? They’re awarded with an unforgettable trip for two to any event, anywhere around the globe. When a freight agent reaches $1 million in margin in a year, they become inductees of the Elite Circle — and become recipients of the experience of a lifetime. From an iconic concert to the Northern Lights and anything in between, this truly is the best compensation. 


Live the Life You’ve Dreamt About

The best compensation starts with a beyond-compare paycheck, and stretches into all we offer. Whether it’s our annual Roundtable event (which equips our agents to earn more than ever!), or our sales incentive programs, Tallgrass offers so much more than just our industry-leading compensation. At TGF, it’s also about our collaborative, family-like atmosphere, culture rooted in support and environment that emphasizes work-life balance.

Ready to discover the meaning of true financial freedom and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? Learn more about joining the TGF family as a freight agent today.