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Upping the Ante: Our 2024 Club 250 Celebration

At Tallgrass Freight, we’re never shy about a little humble bragging. We have the most legendary agents in the industry! And let’s face it, legends deserve legendary rewards. Frankly, Club 200 just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Our independent freight agents kept crushing goals left and right, so we upped the ante. Say hello to Club 250, the home of bigger goals and bigger rewards. 

We empower our agents to achieve financial freedom while fostering a culture that celebrates their achievements. One of the ways we recognize their tenacity and dedication? Our annual Club 250 event, which took place in Las Vegas this year. 


Sean Richardson Club 250 2024


Celebrating Agents in Fabulous Las Vegas

We understand the importance of achieving both professional and personal goals. Our agents enjoy competitive compensation packages (Think: high splits and no salary caps!) allowing them to strike a healthy work-life balance and achieve their desired lifestyle. While the hustle is real, Club 250 offers a well-deserved escape and a chance to recharge and reconnect with colleagues.

Club 250 recognizes and rewards agents who generate over $250,000 in gross profits during the year, granting them access to our 2024 Sin City getaway. Agents who reach this impressive milestone often exceed $1 million in top-line revenue.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and hard work of our incredible agents. They are the backbone of our success, and continuously inspire us to find new ways to express our gratitude. So this year, it was all about letting loose and having fun Vegas-style: hitting up the Strip, gourmet dining experiences, relaxing spas, live entertainment, national parks, and all the thrills that Las Vegas has to offer. And let’s face it, an escape from the Kansas City winter was a welcome bonus!


Club 250 2024 Freight Agents


One of the highlights of this year’s trip was our company dinner at Keep Memory Alive. By choosing the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, our company dinner not only took place in an iconic setting, but also supported their mission of funding crucial research, caregiver programs, and community services for those battling neurodegenerative brain diseases. Sharing laughter and stories with your fellow high-achievers, and toasting to the incredible achievements of the past year — that’s what makes this unforgettable team dinner truly special.

Outside of the team dinner, freedom is the name of the game. The freedom to explore. The freedom to relax. The freedom to indulge. Our top agents (and their plus ones!) were able to spend their weekend however they saw fit. After all, they’ve earned it. 


Farewell to Las Vegas — and Hola to Mexico!


Cancun Mexico Beach


As we wrapped up Club 250 2024 and looked ahead to next year’s adventure, we unveiled some exciting news! In 2025, we’re trading the desert heat for the sandy shores of paradise! Club 250 2025 is setting its sights on the stunning Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico. What can we say? Ocean views and swim-up bars are just our thing. We can’t wait to pack our swimsuits and celebrate, all-inclusive style, next year. It’s all about taking Club 250 to new heights!

Cultivating an unparalleled culture isn’t just a motto—it’s ingrained in every fiber of our being. And Club 250 is just the beginning. High achievers can reach even greater heights with programs like the Diamond Club and Elite Circle. We believe in rewarding dedication and empowering our freight agents to reach their full potential. 


At Tallgrass, we’re not about settling for the same old song and dance. We’re the place where freight brokers who refuse to play it safe find their groove and thrive. Ready to join a company that values and rewards your ambitions? Become a Tallgrass Freight agent and embark on your journey to success. Contact us today — and set your sights on Mexico!