Escape the Cube & Become an Independent Freight Agent

No amount of hours trolling the feed in LinkedIn will change the fact that you’re ready for something better. Instead of looking for yet another job that matches your current job description, why not consider becoming an entrepreneur running your own freight agent program? These days, it’s easier than ever to create a job path of your own design and choosing through the Tallgrass Freight Company agent program.

Employment Freedom
If leaving the corporate world behind feels too risky, consider the very real gamble of always-changing comp plans, tumultuous revolutions of the executive suite, micromanagement, and companies that resist evolution in an always-changing business environment.

Business Success Your Way
By working with a trusted provider of expert transportation services, Tallgrass freight agents can focus on what’s important – building a foundation of hard work and quality client relationships based on mutual respect. With a partnership that provides the necessary operational and financial backbone, Tallgrass can help you build a successful freight program without the unnecessary stress of being an entrepreneur who tries to do it all.

Tallgrass Freight Agents always receive full freight and logistics assistance including business setup and consulting, access to the Tallgrass customized CRM, carrier-relations support, VOIP phones and financial support.

The Tallgrass Freight Advantage
• No quotas
• No minimum margins
• No changes to ongoing commissions
• No outrageous overhead costs

“We respect the efforts it takes to be a successful broker,” said Dave Barnes, co-owner of Tallgrass Freight Company. We feel that professionals do not need to be micromanaged by watching call stats and time clocks or pushing for higher quotas. There isn’t a bigger pressure of hitting a quota than the mortgage company or your family’s quality of life. At Tallgrass, comp plans are set and never change. We provide the tools to be successful, offer help when needed, and get out of your way.”

When you’re ready to leave the office politics behind and be your own boss, the Tallgrass freight agent program can assist you in building your own freight sales business with backing from our first-class office operations team. To learn more about how to take charge of your future as a Tallgrass Freight Agent, call (913) 721-0079 or fill out our online form.

About Tallgrass Freight
Tallgrass Freight Company, a full-service logistics provider, offers a range of transportation and logistics services for small- and mid-size companies. A trusted shipping provider since 2012, Tallgrass offers Less-Than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload Shipping (FTL), Flatbed Services, Intermodal Services and more. By building and maintaining top-notch carrier relationships and a service-first culture, Tallgrass ensures you will have the truck you need when you need it and the assurance that all deliveries will arrive on time and intact at the best possible prices.