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Work-Life Balance as an Agent at Tallgrass

The freight industry is a challenging and fast-paced work environment. (Not to state the obvious!) Changes happen constantly, and agents need to be ready to pick things up quickly to keep their loads on the move. 

But the need to stay laser-focused on a smooth delivery makes work-life balance particularly challenging. When you need to keep your eye on things 24/7, work-life balance might seem like the punchline of a bad joke. But here at Tallgrass, we value flexibility and freedom, and as a result, our agents actually enjoy the elusive work-life balance! This empowers them to better serve their customers, and that’s what you get as an independent freight broker at Tallgrass.


Creating the Lifestyle You Want

We’re not about a one-size-fits-all approach to freight brokering, because every person who comes through our doors is unique! At Tallgrass, you own your book of business, your schedule, and your career. It’s up to you exactly when and how you work.

Tallgrass freight agents aren’t employees — they’re entrepreneurs! They get to be their own boss and experience real autonomy that gives them both the freedom to enjoy their ideal lifestyle and the space to grow a thriving freight brokerage. Each agent designs their own custom work-life balance by deciding when they work and when they play, and where they work and where they play! 


Finding Financial Freedom

A lot of the freedom afforded our freight agents comes from the financial success that comes with being a Tallgrass agent. This freedom starts with our unbelievably high split and incredible perks for top-earners, but we don’t stop there. Freight agents at Tallgrass also have access to actual benefits, which isn’t something most 1099 contractors can say!

Some of our agents prefer to keep their book of business small and focused, allowing them to make enough income to support themselves while enjoying an abundance of free time. Other agents build out small teams that empower them to constantly grow their books and skyrocket their earnings while delegating tasks to assistants and the back office.


Supporting a Balanced Life

Speaking of being an independent contractor, the idea of owning your business can feel daunting to some people. They assume it will mean less support and less earning potential. But in reality, it’s the opposite! As a cradle-to-grave agent with Tallgrass, you’ll have the support you need to deliver full-service solutions to customers . . . which doesn’t need to elevate your stress! 

Our back office support staff pride themselves on rapid response times to any questions you may have, and they’re available at the drop of a hat to troubleshoot, problem solve, and be your biggest cheerleaders as you build your business your way. We’ll even take it a step further and help you hire an assistant, who can work right out of the Tallgrass office or near you, with sole focus on your freight agency.

Not sure where to get started or how to plan your schedule for a healthy work-life balance? Our leadership is here to help with ongoing education and career development opportunities, including one-on-one mentorship!


Family First

When you join the team at Tallgrass, you’re not going it alone. We consider each and every member of Tallgrass to be a member of the family, and it’s our dream to help them all achieve their dreams while supporting their own loved ones. Our company culture is yet another area where Tallgrass stands out from the crowd, because it’s simply the best there is!

Considering our remote agents live (and work!) all over the country, the tight-knit community we’ve created at Tallgrass is pretty incredible. We love bringing everyone together for everything from our Roundtable mastermind weekend, to special rewards like the coveted Club 200 Vegas trip. But we also encourage our agents to help and support each other, maintaining a spirit of friendly competition while also recognizing there is enough space for everyone at the table.


With a company culture of support, integrity, and teamwork, it’s no wonder we’re known for cultivating a healthy work-life balance with our freight agents! Learn more about bringing your book of business to Tallgrass and let us know how we can help you build the life you want.