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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle and Work-Life Balance as a Freight Agent

When it comes to the lifestyle you want, both for yourself and your family, everyone has their own unique vision. At Tallgrass, freight agents have EVERYTHING they need to create the life they’ve always wanted! Our agents have the autonomy to be their own boss and build their own books of business, pursuing that entrepreneurial dream. But unlike other freight brokerages, no one ever flies solo here. Instead, we provide the mentorship, support and unparalleled resources needed for our agents to truly thrive. 

Our agents have every resource they need to build their ideal lifestyle. Discover how we’ve built a company where agents can cultivate a successful future — and enjoy the freedom of work/life balance — as part of an award-winning team of like-minded individuals. 


Your freight career, for your lifestyle 

What does your ideal lifestyle look like? Does it look like earning more money than you ever have before? Providing for your family? Having the work-life balance and flexibility to be present with loved ones? The opportunity to work from anywhere and experience travel? Regardless of how you define your dream lifestyle, one thing’s for sure: It’s not going to happen if you’re stuck in the wrong job.

The prospect of leaving “the corporate world” behind may feel overwhelming, or even risky. But constantly changing compensation plans, the 24/7 hustle, office politics, an unsupportive executive suite and a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” posture . . . well, if you ask us, it’s riskier to stay stuck in corporate chaos! 

At Tallgrass, support and collaboration are the lifeblood of our company. We believe in treating people like, well, people. Revolutionary, right? It’s a rare thing these days, and we’ll shamelessly brag about how remarkable our people are all day long.

Echoing this sentiment, our Co-owner and COO David Barnes shares, “Our foundation is built on our team. We invest in our people and we celebrate each win. Nothing can replace the trust and camaraderie that’s baked into everything we do. We work hard, play hard and have created an environment where people look forward to waking up and being part of this team each day.”


Freight Agent Entrepreneurism 

With unlimited earning potential, our freight agents have the financial freedom to control their own destinies and earn what they deserve. But there’s a key difference: we don’t expect you to do it alone! Instead, we furnish our team with the mentorship, back-office support and technology needed to fuel their business to new heights. All of us at Tallgrass like to encourage our freight brokers to not only dream big but set and achieve those goals as well. Goodbye stress, hello lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Being your own boss often means juggling all facets of a business, but not when you’re part of our independent freight agent network. However, our agents have the ability to take control of their future while enjoying the perks of a world-class back office to handle the administrative side of the business. That means agents can focus on high-level activities, like revenue growth and nurturing strong customer relationships. And because of the exceptional support, our agents get the opportunity to step away from work and experience the kind of work-life balance that’s often impossible when you’re going it alone.


Professional Development & Support

Many organizations follow the same formula when someone starts a new position. They put you through onboarding, provide a week or two of training and then cut you loose to survive on your own. That’s the extent of their “professional development,” and any continuing education programs are rare and half-hearted. That’s not a foundation for you to thrive.

At Tallgrass, we believe education is pivotal to success in both your personal and professional life. After all, who likes staying stagnant and not progressing forward? In addition to the wide spectrum of resources our agents have at their disposal, we also invest heavily in our team through events like our Agent Roundtable. The Roundtable is just one of many opportunities our freight agents have to learn and further their education. These programs are designed to help our agents continuously remain at the top of their game. 

As one of our agents shares, “I love that Tallgrass’s focus remains the same every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team of agents or individuals, new agents or veterans, Tallgrass is consistently offering resources to those that need it along with encouragement and support.”

In a similar vein, our leadership team is composed of freight industry veterans, including our VP of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson. His focus is solely on helping new agents build a blueprint for success, both during their first 90 days and beyond. From planning and relationship-building to time management and communication, Sean furnishes new agents with the tools and insights needed to accelerate their growth, fast-track their freight agency and build their book of business to new heights. 

Our agents truly experience the best of both worlds, resulting in the kind of lifestyle only the best get to live. They operate as their own boss – enjoying all the perks of business ownership – while having support from both management and their fellow colleagues to ensure they thrive. 


First-Class Technology to Make Business Easier

The entrepreneurial life gets stressful without the right tools. So another way we’ve invested heavily in our agents’ success is with our new, homegrown freight CRM system. We’ve even named our proprietary system the “Tallgrass Freight Cash Register,” because it was created to help our agents make more money than ever and achieve the lifestyle they deserve. 

And it’s been a Cash Register indeed! Within mere months of its launch, a record number of Tallgrass freight agents achieved their best month EVER. Let that sink in for a minute. Talk about living the dream!

Our system was built by freight experts, for freight experts — ensuring the entire program has the tools needed to catapult agent growth, streamline workflow and efficiency, improve quality of life and solidify a healthy work/life balance. What’s more, because the Cash Register is tailor-made, we have the ability to continually adapt and refine features to ensure our agents enjoy an optimal experience. 

From robust customer reporting capabilities and an intuitive booking system to easy accessibility to training and carrier information, our system is designed to streamline daily activities and offer agents cutting-edge technology to make their lives easier. When work is more efficient, there’s no limit to all you can achieve.


While dollars are always important, the entrepreneurial setup of our freight agent program is also about a strong culture, family-like environment and commitment to work-life balance. And when you pair that with the enticing perks and uncapped commission we offer, the possibilities for achieving your desired lifestyle are limitless. 

Ready to get started? Discover how our independent freight agent program can help you build a career you can be proud of by joining the tallgrass team today!