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How we Support Your Freight Business: Education and Development

A fulfilling freight career begins with one thing in particular: the right people. But what does it mean to be surrounded by the right people? It means finding a company and culture that aligns with your values, encompasses like-minded individuals and continually supports you in your success

At Tallgrass, our goal is to empower our freight agents to build a business they can truly be proud of by providing the best resources, professional development and support in the industry. Not only is this how we’ve managed to build the best freight brokerage, but it’s the strategy we use to continue our reign at the top. Key to this strategy is our Agent Roundtable event (unlike anything else in the freight industry!) and our Agent Development team.

Ongoing Education

Continued growth and education initiatives are key to ensuring our agents have the ability to thrive and make more money than ever before. Our Agent Roundtable event is held twice a year and successfully brings agents from across the U.S. 

At these mastermind-style weekends, freight brokers enjoy a weekend of food, fun, friendship and freight education. And our spring 2022 Agent Roundtable was no exception!

Our Agent Roundtables include a panel of expert freight agents who grew their agencies to incredible heights. These agents, all at the top of their game, reveal how they hired teams to expand their agencies and shared the specific strategies that got them there. Nothing is off-limits! Agents leave with a playbook to grow their team. 

Our Roundtable also features some of the best financial and estate planning experts in the nation. When you’re taking home bigger-than-ever paychecks, you need the skills to manage it all! These are the kinds of strategies you can only get from the most supportive freight agent program in the nation. 

“No one else in the freight agent world is doing this, and we’re here to take better care of our agents than anyone else in the business,” says Tallgrass COO and co-owner David Barnes

But don’t take our word for it! Freight agent Jeff S., who has been part of the Tallgrass team since 2018, shares his Roundtable experience.

“When I attended, I had a modest book at best,” Jeff recalls. “I recognized that Tallgrass presented an excellent opportunity to make some real money. Ultimately, I don’t think I realized how good of an opportunity it was, until I sat and listened to other agents at the Roundtable. 

The Roundtable was a game-changer for Jeff’s career. “The reality is, I wasn’t applying myself. When I left the Roundtable, I kept thinking, ‘I have an opportunity to make some serious money and build a business,’” Jeff shares.

“It was the roundtable that shifted my perspective, and ultimately the direction of my book,” Jeff continues. “My approach became more professional and far more goal oriented. I don’t know that I would have made that shift, had I not been invited to the Roundtable. It had that kind of impact on me.” 

As a result of Tallgrass’s investment in him at the Roundtable, Jeff is thriving today. “There is real value to all of the resources Tallgrass provides agents, and the Roundtable is no exception,” he says. “For me, it was an eye-opening experience to be in a room with a ton of agents who were making serious coin and really get insight into what they had been able to build and how they were able to build it. The financial planning presentation also had a similar effect on me.”

Our ongoing education enterprise shows how much we truly care about our freight brokers. We strive to continually invest in our team. Ongoing education like this can’t be found ANYWHERE else. 


Career Development

But the Roundtable isn’t our only effort to support agents. Why limit growth to twice a year? To become the best freight agent, you need access to ongoing career development opportunities! That’s why we bake coaching and mentorship into the core of our infrastructure, ensuring our agents are equipped with the knowledge and support they need. 

Tallgrass is proud to offer accessible leadership and coaching for ametuer and highly qualified agents alike. Freight expert and VP of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson, and our Director of Agent Development, Chloe Marshall, are helpful resources for every agent here at Tallgrass, available anytime!

Chloe and Sean are both passionate about helping new agents flourish and grow their book of business. They collaborate and assist agents with everything from goal setting and sales assistance to navigating the Tallgrass Freight CRM. 

They provide strategic insight into best practices on organizing, tracking and managing their business.  “Our goal is to mitigate any obstacles they’re running into, celebrate their wins, help them replicate successful habits, be a sounding board and provide the resources needed to thrive,” Sean says.

In the words of one of our agents, “Yes. All I get are great suggestions and advice from seasoned veterans here. What more could someone ask for?”

With a support system that’s dedicated to maximizing your potential, every freight agent is given everything they need to prosper. Having full control of your book of business and still getting to enjoy the perks of being a business owner is what makes being a freight broker at TGF so great!

Ongoing education and career development opportunities are available to each and every freight agent here at Tallgrass. Our dream is to give you everything necessary to achieve yours. Learn more about joining our team and let’s achieve those dreams together.