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The BEST Freight Brokerage: We’ve Arrived

With the right people, who treat each other the right way, we’ve built the BEST freight brokerage in the country here at Tallgrass. Our mission and vision, along with our values, are ingrained in our company DNA. Our vision has always been this: to build the best freight brokerage in the country. And we can confidently say that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do in 2012. 

Tallgrass Freight Co. is one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies — and we owe much of our great success to our dedicated and hardworking freight brokers who work diligently to live out our vision everyday. Our agents, located all across the country, are at the top of their field. At Tallgrass, they’re able to enjoy all the perks of being their own boss, plus the joys of being part of a rockstar team. 

We believe in celebrating here at Tallgrass, and we’ve planted our flag as the top freight brokerage. Let’s dive in.  


A Peek Into the Past

With enthusiasm and persistent drive to create the best freight brokerage in the country, Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO, brought Tallgrass Freight Co. to life nearly ten years ago. 

Initially headquartered in a Kansas farmhouse, Damon had high hopes of establishing the kind of company he always wanted to work for. And that’s exactly what Tallgrass is today. Success has always been in our blood, even from Tallgrass’s first days as Damon drew from his vast expertise in the freight industry and laid the foundation for the future. After connecting with business consultant David Barnes, now TGF’s COO and Co-Owner, the freight agent program quickly grew on the principles of freedom and the support needed to thrive. 

Within five years of the company’s inception, Tallgrass had agents located across the country and increased revenue by 3,000%. As a result of this remarkable milestone, we’ve consistently ranked high on Inc. 5000’s Midwest’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies series, year after year.

Our roots have grown into a robust company culture. “I never want to lose sight of this company being a community,” Damon says. “I want Tallgrass to always be the place where people wish they could work. We will continue to treat people the right way — and we’re just getting started.”


We Know We’re the Best. Here’s Why.

At Tallgrass, our agents are able to enjoy professional and dependable back-office service, state-of-the-art technology resources and access to benefits. We also don’t believe in salary caps. (You work hard, you earn big. That’s that.) Our agents have access to health, dental and vision insurance, as well as top-tier financial and estate planning resources too.

Tallgrass sets the bar high when it comes to our unparalleled company culture. While we believe in working hard, we believe in playing hard, too! We host events throughout the year, which allows our team to have an ideal work-life balance. Events include our Agent Roundtable, Bounce House Bash and the epic TGF Christmas Party.

We also provide our freight agents with reliable infrastructure. All agents have access to the BEST and custom-created freight CRM system in the country. We spent more than 2.5 years and $1 million to develop this system that transforms our industry! And our beyond-compare professional, attentive back office team members help with everything from invoicing and collections to client relations. 

Think you can’t find this anywhere else? We know. That’s what makes us the best.


Be Part of the BEST Freight Brokerage

Tallgrass Freight is a destination brokerage for freight agents who are ready to leave amateur hour behind. With tenacity, ambition and commitment, we have built the best freight brokerage in the country. 

Have questions about how to find the right freight brokerage for you? We get it. When you’re ready to leave amateur hour behind, it’s wise to check out our free eBook, How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program.

If you want it to be part of the best freight agency that will propel your career to new heights, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about joining our team of freight agents today!