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Explore How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program in Our eBook

Making a freight career change is no small feat. To find the right freight agent program, it’s important to weigh your options and ask all the crucial questions. 

Tallgrass Freight is a destination brokerage for the best freight agents and where agents come when they’re ready to leave amateur hour behind. When you’re ready to make a move, how do you find the right freight agent program? 

We’ve created a complete guide packed with all the questions you need to ask to make a knowledgeable decision for your career in logistics. Get answers to your key questions and take a deeper dive into what the freight agent program looks like at Tallgrass when you download our free eBook, How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program.

With tenacity, ambition and commitment, we have built the best freight brokerage in the country. 

Thinking about making a switch? Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll find inside:


Unmatched Compensation

Taking home competitive compensation allows you to provide for your family and live the kind of lifestyle you want. It’s that simple. The way you’re paid should mirror what you value. If you’re ambitious and entrepreneurial, your pay structure should be too. And how about the benefits? If you’re going to work hard, your company should work hard for you.

The right program will answer your compensation questions with transparency and authenticity. When you’re considering  joining a new freight agent network, clarity is everything.  In our new eBook, you can explore what first-in-class compensation truly looks like.


How Company Culture Cultivates a Successful Agency 

If you’re focused on pursuing a career in the freight industry, you’ll want to find a team that motivates you and surround yourself with colleagues who have been in your shoes. To find the right freight agent program, don’t hesitate to ask about company culture and the organization’s track record of success!

Our eBook sheds light on the remarkable culture at Tallgrass that undoubtedly sets us apart from the rest. Our freight brokers are more than team members. They’re part of our family! And, they’re our greatest asset. That’s why we’ve invested the time and energy in ensuring we foster and maintain a culture that’s rooted in support and conducive to the success of our agents.

To cultivate a thriving career in the logistics industry, it’s imperative to align yourself with a freight agent program that has a proven track record of stability and success. No one wants to join a team where job security is a constant source of stress and anxiety. You deserve to be among the best in the business! 



Innovative Technology & Advanced Resources

Unparalleled technology is crucial for success as a freight broker. To build a thriving logistics career, you need the tools to succeed, including a freight agent program that does more than issue you a login, a phone extension and leave you to fend for yourself. As you find the right freight agent program, it’s important to ask if you’ll have the best resources right at your fingertips. 

Here at Tallgrass Freight, we’ve built the best freight CRM in the industry! We call it our “Cash Register” because it streamlines work and empowers our agents to earn more than ever. This system was built by freight experts, for freight experts — with all the features you need to be successful as a freight agent. You can learn all about the leading technology offered at Tallgrass in our eBook! 


Agent Development Opportunities & Constant Support at Your Fingertips

To find the right freight agent program, it’s imperative to know about a company’s philosophy about ongoing growth, including initiatives, seminars, classes and structures that can help you grow professionally. In our eGuide, we dive into how continued education, development opportunities and back office support is essential for a successful freight career.

It pays off to ask: what type of support and growth resources you can expect on a daily basis. Has the program structured its team with support in mind? How accessible is upper-level leadership to coach you? What opportunities for mentoring are available? A strong program implements seamless workflows and ensures agents are maximizing their potential and bringing home top-notch compensation — all while giving agents freedom to build their book of business.


Find the Freight Agency You’ve Been Searching For

For these and many more crucial questions, download our eBook: How to Find the Right Freight Agent Program. Access your copy today