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Innovating Agent Development

At Tallgrass Freight Co., we’ve become the best freight brokerage not only because of our incredible agents, but also because of our constant investment in their growing success. As we always say, the day you stop innovating is the day you stop growing. From expert mentorship to out-of-this-world support, our freight agents are never on their own when it comes to building out their books and growing a business that supports their lifestyle.

No one ever flies solo at TGF. Because here, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean being alone. We take a completely different approach to independent freight agents. Unlike anywhere else, our freight agents find the autonomy to build and enjoy their business while getting best-in-class back-office support, mentorship and so much more.

Reaching that next level of success means reaching the next big paycheck and we are here to support our agents every step up the ladder. What does that look like at TGF? Take a look at how we’ve innovated agent development over our 10-year history.


Insightful Agent Roundtables 

We created twice-a-year Agent Roundtables to bring agents together in an environment of extraordinary learning, growth and connection. At this mastermind-style weekends, freight brokers enjoy a weekend of food, fun, friendship and freight education. 

In 2021, our fall Agent Roundtable included a panel of expert freight agents who grew their agencies to incredible heights. These agents revealed how they hired teams to expand their agencies and shared the specific strategies that got them there. Agents leave with a playbook to grow their team. 

Our Roundtable also features some of the best financial and estate planning experts in the nation. When you’re taking home bigger-than-ever paychecks, you need the skills to manage it all! These are the kinds of strategies you can only get from the best of the best. That’s how much we care about our agents, that we’re willing to invest in their financial futures. You won’t find this ANYWHERE else. 

With Q&A sessions and plenty of time to form friends for life, Agent Roundtable events are a boost for freight agents at any stage of business. We think this event is pretty special. In fact, here’s what TGF COO and co-owner David Barnes says: “No one else in the freight agent world is doing this. We’re here to take better care of our agents than anyone else in the business.” We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk and we’re walking with our agents all the way to their biggest freight agency goals.


A Dedicated Agent Development Team

Putting you at the center of our culture is part of our DNA and it makes TGF as unique as they come. Let’s just say you won’t find other companies where C-suite leadership is accessible and available to coach and guide you to reach your big vision.

Ever been at a company where you need to wait weeks just to grab 15 minutes on the CEO’s calendar? That’s the norm at most corporations, but not here. Top-tier leadership is always accessible, authentic and down-to-earth. That’s the way it’s always been, and regardless of how big we grow, our agents will always have someone in their corner. Period.

At TGF, we have a team who empowers and improves our team with continuous agent development. Our VP of Agent Development, Sean Richardson, is here to team up with agents and share the valuable insights and relationship-building sales strategies that are going to fill their business books. And our Director of Agent Development, Chloe Marshall, makes sure our agents hit the ground running from day one.

Sean and Chloe help agents build a blueprint for success, improve time management and communicate effectively with the tools they need to fast-track their success. Tallgrass even hosts monthly hands-on coaching seminars with agents who have been in the trenches, to ensure our newest agents get exactly the resources they need to grow.


Unbelievable Back-Office Support 

Consider this: one simple billing issue or system error could take you away from what matters most. But with a laser-focused back-office team by your side, you won’t have to worry about unreachable IT and an uninformed office. Our administrative and operations team is instantly accessible and available to support you no matter what happens. Plus, TGF’s brilliant in-house tech team will ensure that every hiccup is resolved and you move forward without a hitch.

With a support system that’s dedicated to creating seamless workflows and maximizing your potential, you’ll never suffer from lack of assistance. That means you’ll be in control of your business and still get to enjoy the perks of being a business owner.

You’ll have the time for the high-level activities that mean the most to your growth while the back-office handles the little things. Hello, work-life balance. 


One-Of-A-Kind CRM

Technology is capable of incredible things across industries, so why does freight CRM lag behind? Off-the-shelf CRMs are nowhere close to the efficient, effective tools they should be. And that means businesses are stifled. So we decided to do something totally different.

In 2021, we revealed a homegrown freight CRM unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Why? Because we’re determined to help our agents scale their businesses with incredible efficiency and a seamless process. 

Made for freight experts, by freight experts, this CRM has helped freight agents transform their work, get more done and deliver exceptional service, all while earning more money! (Remember that brilliant in-house tech team we mentioned? Yeah, they built the entire system!) That’s why we like to call our CRM “The Tallgrass Freight Cash Register.” It helps our agents make more money and serve customers more efficiently! But we couldn’t stop there. We’re committed to constantly improving this CRM. So we created a “What If?” Program that pays anyone on our team for their best recommendations. If your idea is used, you get $100. Again and again. 

The Tallgrass Freight Cash Register empowers agents to hit productivity levels they never before imagined. And there’s always scalability without sacrifice too. That’s just one more way that we’re changing freight careers for good.



Innovating agent development is a commitment we make to every independent freight agent that joins our team. Got big dreams? We do too. Learn more about joining our team and let’s achieve those dreams together.