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The Best Freight Agent Development & Culture in the Industry

All of us want a career where we look forward to waking up each day and leaning into our work. Paychecks are a huge part of it. But culture is crucial! A satisfying freight career is all about being surrounded by the right people. The BEST people! That means finding a company and culture that aligns with your values, encompasses like-minded individuals and continually invests in your success

At Tallgrass, our goal is to empower our freight agents to build a business they can truly be proud of. How? By providing the resources, professional development and support that simply cannot be found elsewhere. That’s how we built the best freight brokerage, and it’s our strategy to stay on top.


Our Annual Roundtable Event

Ongoing growth and continuing education initiatives are a big piece of ensuring our agents thrive (and, of course, score that golden paycheck). Our Roundtable event has been a TGF staple for years, bringing agents from across the country together for a weekend of personal and professional development. It’s a total mastermind gathering, and everyone walks away with resources to build their book of business to new heights.

“No one else in the freight agent world is doing this, and we’re here to take better care of our agents than anyone else in the business,” says Tallgrass COO and co-owner David Barnes. From financial planning strategies, like investment diversification, to how to expand your book of business, the Roundtable is an opportunity for agents to drive their success to new heights. 

Freight agents also get to engage in a panel discussion with some of their more seasoned peers, learning everything from best customer service practices to how to hire an assistant and expand their team. The goal is to provide actionable takeaways and a clear blueprint for fostering forward momentum and sustainable growth. 

As one of our agents shares, “The ecosystem they’ve built from a cultural perspective is incredibly humbling to be a part of. We’re truly one big family. It was evident from day one how invested management is in the success of their agents – the infrastructure, support, and resources are all part of their mission to empower their employees.” 


Our VP of Agent Growth & Development

If you ask us, training and professional development go beyond just a short onboarding process. Onboarding is just the beginning! To become the best freight agent, you need the best development. That’s why we bake education and mentorship into the core of our infrastructure, ensuring our agents are equipped with the knowledge and support they need. You’ll never find another company where upper-level leadership is accessible and available to coach and guide you through every step of your journey. 

Freight expert and VP of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson, partners with agents to provide valuable insights on everything from communicating with prospects and relationship-building to sales strategies and effective time management. Sean also holds monthly hands-on coaching seminars with agents to ensure they continually receive resources needed for positive growth. 

Speaking about his role, Sean shares, “My focus lies in furnishing the team with practices designed for success, so they can organize their day, track client interactions and inventory and confidently grow their business.” The goal, he continues, “is to mitigate obstacles they’re running into, celebrate their wins, help them replicate successful habits and provide the resources needed to thrive.”


Our Culture is Everything 

Camaraderie and work-life balance are also big facets of the culture we’ve built at TGF. After all, as our mantra says, we like to work hard and play hard. From barbecues to our legendary Christmas Party (yes, it’s infamous), we host a variety of events and competitions throughout the year to keep the energy and fun high!

We don’t just rent a grill for a day or hand you a beer and call it “culture.” We take the time to communicate our appreciation by celebrating our team and recognizing the value of their hard work. Our annual Bounce House Bash is just one of the many ways we bring our agents and their families together for food, games and, of course, bouncy castles (a serious crowd-pleaser). Where else will you find C-suite leadership grilling burgers for their team? You won’t find culture like this anywhere else.

Bottom line: Our freight brokers are the best, so they deserve the best education and culture. 


Joining the Tallgrass family means becoming part of a culture that genuinely cares about your growth and success. A lot of companies talk the talk, but do they have the proof to back it up? We never want our agents to feel “stuck.” That’s why we invest the time and energy in continued education, professional development and making work life enjoyable. 

Look forward to work each day by joining the Tallgrass Freight team.