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Think Being a 1099 Contractor Isn’t For You? Think Again!

When it comes to building your ideal lifestyle, everyone has their own unique vision. And at Tallgrass, our agents have EVERYTHING they need to create the life they’ve always wanted! They have the autonomy to be their own boss and build their own books of business, pursuing that entrepreneurial dream. 

But considering being a 1099 contractor freight agent can bring anxiety for some. How will that impact earning potential? Will it result in less support? Is it overwhelming handling every single detail independently? Here at Tallgrass, our agents will be the first to say it: Think 1099 isn’t for you? Think again!

As 1099 contractors, every Tallgrass freight broker has access to mentorship opportunities, support and unparalleled resources while also being able to reap the benefits of owning a business. 

We’ve built a company where agents can cultivate a successful future — and enjoy all the benefits of being a 1099 contractor — while being a part of a team of like-minded individuals. Let’s uncover the truths and myths behind what it means to be a 1099 contractor at Tallgrass Freight.


Myth #1: 1099 contractors have less earning potential

At Tallgrass, we believe our freight agents deserve to earn what they’re worth! After all, we wouldn’t be the best freight brokerage in the nation without offering the best compensation packages to our team of entrepreneurial freight agents.

Our highly competitive compensation program doesn’t have a “ceiling.” Uncapped commissions and generously-high splits allow our freight brokers to continually expand their book of business and reach new levels of success. Our innovative approach to compensation has helped our agents earn far more than they ever thought possible.


Myth #2: 1099 contractors don’t have access to benefits

Tallgrass Freight goes beyond competitive compensation. We also provide our agents with access to comprehensive benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. 

In addition, we offer expert financial and tax planning resources, ongoing coaching and best-in-class sales incentives to every agent.


Myth #3: 1099 contractors have to go it alone

Here at Tallgrass, you’ll be working FOR yourself — but never BY yourself. We bake support and collaboration into everything we do. Our agents enjoy the perks of world-class back office support to handle tech and administrative needs, so they can focus on high-level activities like strengthening customer relationships and revenue growth. 

The main goal of our Tallgrass back office administration is to take the stress off agents and free them up to do what they do best. That’s why our team offers financial assistance including invoicing, carrier payments, compliance, carrier eligibility, collections, technology and more.


Myth #4: 1099 contractors don’t have tax advantages 

Many tax credits and deductions are available specifically for small business owners. For example, as a 1099 contractor, you are eligible to deduct home office expenses, your vehicle, per diem allowances, depreciating assets and more. Depending on your tax situation, there are plenty of upsides to a 1099 structure.


Become a 1099 Contractor at Tallgrass

We’re not shy about speaking the truth: We have the best freight agents in the country! And the best of the best deserve to live their desired lifestyle and work how they want. Top-tier compensation? Check. Unparalleled benefits? You bet. Flexibility? Absolutely!

If you’re going to be your own boss, you should get to dictate your own work schedule and location! The ability to thrive as a 1099 contractor enhances work-life balance and improves overall quality of life.

We’ve built a company where support and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Agents have the autonomy to build their own books of business, while being part of an award-winning team. Ready to take the next step? Discover how Tallgrass can help drive your success as a 1099 contractor by starting a conversation with us today