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How Our Back Office Team Members Serve Agents

One of the most crucial keys to success in the freight industry is a reliable back office support team. As a top-tier agent, you need an exceptional back office to help you on the backend so you can accomplish more: it’s that simple.

Our back office administration is constantly mentoring our agents and helping them create successful strategies to grow. They also implement seamless workflows and ensure our agents are maximizing their potential — all while giving agents time back in their day to build their book of business.

Our Transportation Manager, Joe P., has been with Tallgrass since the very beginning! (In fact, he and CEO Damon Anderson are lifelong friends too!) Joe is proud to have been the third team member to join the company, and proud to be part of TGF today. “I feel like I’m in the right place, in the right situation with all the right people,” Joe shares. 

Join us as Joe shares the evolution of Tallgrass support, and how our team serves agents each and every day.


Reimagining Agent Support

As an entrepreneur, it’s tempting to think that to be successful, you have to do everything yourself. But when you have our expert-level back office support, you can scale your business even quicker!

At Tallgrass, our back office support goes beyond a quick check-in email. Our team offers financial assistance including invoicing, carrier payments, compliance, carrier eligibility, collections, technology and more. “As Tallgrass has evolved, so has the back office,” Joe says. “Agents spend their days booking freight and managing loads, so our support on the backend allows them to accomplish more.”

The main goal of our Tallgrass back office administration is to take the stress off agents and free them up to do what they do best. We have the nation’s top talent right here at Tallgrass Freight, and they deserve the very best support. “With this type of hands-on assistance, our freight agents are able to build a thriving business with little capital up front,” says Joe. 


The Power of Stability

When it comes to being supported, stability and security is always top of mind for agents. Tallgrass has a track record of excellence, and we’re proud of it. “We have a great reputation,” Joe shares. “10-plus years in business says a lot. The dozens of accolades and awards we’ve received, paired with the growth that is obvious and apparent, speak to the stability of this company.”

Innovation and progress fuel our ambitions and provide our agents with long-term, fulfilling careers. “Tallgrass is past the point of ‘can we make it?’ and we’re now thinking about how far we are going to go,” Joe says.

As we look towards the future, we couldn’t be more excited to continue providing our entrepreneurial-minded freight agents with the kind of support necessary to take their careers to new heights. 


A Culture Rooted in Support

Our company culture is practiced daily and echoes throughout the Tallgrass team. “The culture is beyond compare,” Joe shares. “Throughout the day, the entire back office team is reachable. And we’re thrilled that our agents take advantage of the support we provide.”

We place special emphasis on continued growth. With coaching and mentorship opportunities available, agents can avoid complacency. “When we receive questions about customers or sales, we are eager to help,” Joe says. “We’re always learning and bringing in different viewpoints. I love to see the organic growth of Tallgrass and our agents.”

Meet the exceptional leaders of our back office support team, all of whom share a dedication to our agents:


To grow your business, you need a community cheering you on, with freight experts who have experience running, growing and managing a book of business. “Our agents are the engine that propels us forward,” Joe says. “We are all truly in this together.” 

Join our freight agent program today and experience what makes our support career-changing.