Meet the Team

Ellie Martin

ellie martin

Human Resources Manager

Drink at happy hour:

Old Fashioned or Espresso Martini

Favorite binge watch:

Friends or the Harry Potter films

Best concert ever:

Taylor Swift’s Era’s Concert was euphoric

With nearly a decade of experience in human resources, Ellie has always been passionate about people. She loves helping employees grow professionally and working with them to make their roles even better in the workplace. From nonprofits to automotive to finance, Ellie brings a wide variety of HR experiences to Tallgrass! Prior to joining the TGF team, Ellie enjoyed taking on a new challenge in sales development, which sparked her passion for learning and development. Paired with her HR background, Ellie was uniquely positioned to become Tallgrass’s first Human Resources Manager.

“I was looking for a position that engaged all of the creativity I have, and at a place where I could do things I wasn’t able to at my prior companies,” Ellie says. Also enticing to Ellie? The flexibility and laid-back, friendly company culture at Tallgrass.

“I get to bring people together, and that is probably the biggest reason I’m in HR — to be a part of someone else realizing their potential.”

Since this position didn’t exist at Tallgrass before Ellie, she has had the unique opportunity to make it her own. “I love the fact that Tallgrass is in hyper-growth mode,” Ellie shares. “I think it allows for a lot of really cool initiatives.” In addition to the creativity of her role, Ellie loves how people-centric her work is. “This opportunity has really allowed me to branch out professionally and grow as a person.”

While a lot of Ellie’s role is very creative and strategy-focused, she also takes care of all the behind-the-scenes, ad hoc compliance work that keeps Tallgrass Freight legally operational. When she’s not putting our proverbial ducks in a row and developing new strategies and processes for Tallgrass staff and agents, Ellie can be found at the gym or adventuring with her husband, children and two dogs, Finn and Hank. Ellie loves traveling with her family around the world as much as possible — except for Sundays during football season, when you’ll find her relaxing on the couch with a bowl of homemade soup and a beer!

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