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Bet on Yourself in 2023 by Upgrading Your Career

At Tallgrass Freight, the sky is truly the limit. And let’s be honest: regardless of where your work has taken you, you’ve invested blood, sweat, and tears into building your freight career.

But if you’re still working for anyone besides yourself, there must be something holding you back. Make this the year you stop playing small and bet on yourself.

What do we mean by betting on yourself? It’s all about taking the reigns. Owning your future. Acting on your ambitious spirit. Kissing the corporate chaos goodbye and embracing what YOU bring to the table. Betting on yourself means rising above unexpected obstacles and unexpected market trends. 

Betting on yourself is risky for sure. But as our network of nearly 100 agencies can all attest: Betting on yourself is the best bet you’ll ever make.

There’s no better way to ensure success than taking your future into your own hands. It’s time to align with a freight agent program that can help you reach the next level by upgrading to your own freight agency. 

Tapping into your entrepreneurial spirit and being your own boss provides freedom, flexibility, and unparalleled growth opportunity. The icing on the cake? You’re not flying solo. We’ll provide the back-office support, technology, and career development needed to ensure long-term security and stability. If you’re unsure about making the upgrade — to bet on yourself — get ready to get convinced. Here’s what you can expect as a freight broker at Tallgrass. 


Unparalleled Support to Bolster Your Success

Plenty of people stay stuck in stale jobs because they’re afraid of flying solo. And hey, we get it. Stepping out on your own feels like stepping out of your comfort zone. If the fear of being unsupported is holding you back, let’s set the record straight. Here at Tallgrass, you’ll be working FOR yourself — but never BY yourself.

We bake support and collaboration into everything we do. Why? Because we believe in treating people like, well, people. It’s that simple. We provide agents with financial freedom and the ability to earn more than ever before, but we never expect you to do it alone. Instead, we furnish our team with the technology, mentorship, and back-office support needed to drive their business to new heights.

Being your own boss typically requires you to juggle all facets of your business – but not at Tallgrass. Our agents enjoy the perks of world-class back office support to handle tech and administrative needs, so they can focus on high-level activities – like strengthening customer relationships and revenue growth. What’s more, because we’ve built a foundation rooted in support, our agents are given the opportunity to truly achieve work-life balance – a feat that’s often impossible as a solo entrepreneur. 


Professional Development to Elevate Your Game

Is the fear of losing momentum or losing money holding you back from betting on yourself? Kick that excuse to the curb. Here at Tallgrass, we give our agents every tool they need to keep leveling up, year after year after year.

To be clear: we don’t define professional development as some measly onboarding checklist. We prefer to weave education into our culture to drive ongoing personal and professional growth. After all, who likes staying stagnant and not progressing forward?

We invest heavily in agent development via events like our Agent Roundtable. Our roundtable serves as one of the many resources we offer to help agents further their education and remain at the top of their game.

In addition to learning opportunities, agents have access to our leadership team of industry veterans, including our President, Sean Richardson, and our Vice President of Growth and Development, Chloe Marshall. Sean and Chloe’s focus lies on helping freight agents devise a blueprint for success during their first 90 days and beyond. From daily planning to time management, the duo furnishes new agents with the tools and insights needed to accelerate their growth and catapult their businesses to new heights. 


First-Class Technology to Streamline Your Business

For some people, just the thought of having to establish your own systems, processes and technology is overwhelming. And we get it if that’s why you’re afraid to bet on yourself. Cobbling together half-baked tech is a distraction at best — and a disaster at worst! So that’s why we set out to build the finest freight CRM system, created for freight pros by freight pros. 

Keeping up with the fast-paced freight industry requires technology designed to drive efficiency and eliminate repetitive tasks. That’s the heart behind our own homegrown freight CRM system. We’ve lovingly named the proprietary system the “Tallgrass Freight Cash Register,” as it was designed to help our agents make more money than ever and achieve the lifestyle they deserve.

Our system was built by freight experts, for freight experts to ensure the program was equipped with the tools needed to catapult agent growth, streamline workflow, and solidify a healthy work-life balance. From robust customer reporting capabilities to easy accessibility to training and carrier information, our CRM was created to optimize our agents’ success and facilitate an easier daily work environment. Even better? We never stop improving. New features are added to our CRM all the time, many inspired by our What If? program.


Culture and Community to Bet on Yourself

Plenty of people say no to entrepreneurship because they really don’t want to work alone. They’re afraid they’d miss the company culture or the community. But that’s no reason not to bet on yourself! If you think entrepreneurship has to be lonely, think again. Here at Tallgrass, not only do we work hard, but we have fun along the way. 

What’s more, we’ve cultivated an environment that values collaboration among our family of freight agents. This company culture is what truly sets Tallgrass apart, bringing our agents together from all across the country to talk freight strategies and expand their horizons in the world of freight. 

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to feel lonely. Nor does it mean you have to build your book of business on your own. There’s a reason why the best of the best come here: you simply won’t find this level of support and care elsewhere. 


Ready to join us? Give our team a call today to learn more about the Tallgrass difference.