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What Freight Agents Gain From First-Class Onboarding and Training

Our freight agents have a clear path to success — from DAY ONE. We offer the most elite onboarding, coaching and continued training because we’re here to see you every step of the way to your biggest goals. 

We believe in investing everything in our agents. Incredible CRM? Check. Above and beyond back-office-support? Check. Out-of-this-world compensation? You’ve got it. And the fast track to achieving your goals at Tallgrass starts with best-in-class freight agent onboarding and training. 

Does onboarding and training really make a difference in the success of our agents? What tangible things do you actually gain from this focus at TGF? Keep reading to find out how onboarding and continued training supercharge the success of our agents. 


Onboarding and Training: What You GAIN

For most freight brokerages (and, let’s face it, most companies), onboarding and training are just obligations to check off. Maybe you’ll get a useful tip or two, but otherwise? Waste of time.

At TGF, onboarding and training aren’t just mandatory tasks on your to-do list. We approach onboarding and training strategically: designed to build your book of business from the start.

Imagine where you could be with…

  • Efficient and effective onboarding that has you back to your customers ASAP (yes, you can literally start booking freight immediately!)
  • One-on-one expert coaching that breaks down every obstacle in your path
  • Q&A with freight agents who’ve built teams and reached levels you dream of
  • Numerous resources to get your questions answered immediately
  • Less time spent confused and stuck, more time spent bringing in profits

Sounds like a dream? Not so at TGF. These are the very real things freight agents gain with onboarding and training when they join our team. 


Agent Roundtable


The Best Onboarding Experience You’ll Find Anywhere

Ah, yes, onboarding. It seems like a huge hassle for little reward. That’s why we decided to do things differently. At TGF, our freight agent onboarding as efficient and effective as we could possibly make it. We’ll get your customers set up, teach you how to use our freight CRM system and get everything you need to hit the ground running FAST.

Don’t just take our word for it. “The Tallgrass team does a great job of ensuring we’re equipped with everything we need to succeed and provide for our customers,” says one agent of their experience.

It all comes down to this: Time is money. Every minute you waste waiting for onboarding is a minute you’re not booking freight. Therefore, onboarding at Tallgrass can be as quick as 24 hours. 

Our onboarding is practical and focused on your real needs. The secret sauce is that we understand those needs unlike anyone else out there. We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to have customers on the line. That’s why we’re here to schedule your onboarding and training quicker than you ever thought possible. 


Agent Roundtable


One-on-One Strategy Calls with Our Freight Experts

Have big dreams of building your book of business? We get it. We do too. So why wait to get started? When you join TGF, you’ll get access to one-on-one expert advice from your first month. 

Here’s the deal. Our newest agents connect with VP of Growth & Development Chloe Marshall each week to dig into strategy and intentional goal-getting. How are you claiming incoming leads? What obstacles are keeping you from hitting that next level of compensation? You can address these questions and more in your one-on-one strategy sessions. 

This is no one-size-fits-all approach. These personalized coaching sessions can be whatever you need them to be. Entrepreneur doesn’t mean being alone at TGF. It means having a team by your side. 

What’s possible with instant access to freight experts? “I didn’t really have the right guidance before coming here,” says one agent about their experience. “Tallgrass has helped me grow my book of business tremendously. I know I’m on the right track and Tallgrass will help me get there.”


Agent Roundtable


Invaluable Mastermind-Style Training

What could you accomplish with all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips. At TGF, we are ecstatic to see this very thing. That’s why we set our agents up with been-there-done-that training and expert advice at our Agent Roundtables

At this twice-a-year event, our freight agents enjoy food, fun and a whole lot of freight education. What’s it like? “There is real value to all of the resources Tallgrass provides their agents with, and the roundtable is no exception,” a TGF agent shares. “For me, it was an eye-opening experience to be in a room with a ton of agents who were making serious coin and really get insight into what they had been able to build and how they were able to build it.”

In a mere weekend, you can make an enormous leap forward. Learn from top-of-class freight agents who’ve been in your shoes. Discover valuable insights into financial and estate planning so you’ll learn how to bring home the bacon and manage it! You’ll find it all at our Agent Roundtables.


What you’ll gain from onboarding and training at TGF is PRICELESS. Ready to claim it for yourself? Become an agent at TGF and you’ll experience what it’s like to have a brokerage that’s fully invested in you. Interested in joining the TGF team and being there for our incredible agents. Get in touch here and you’ll find out why our culture is the best in the business.