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Constantly Improving: Our CRM Development

Technology can either power you or drag you down: There is no in-between! In the freight world, the strength of your CRM often determines the speed of your business. Our question is, why accept sub-par technology when you can create something truly extraordinary? That was the impetus behind our first-to-market freight CRM, created by freight experts for freight experts. It’s a digital command center that streamlines operations and made it easier to build business faster than ever before. 

In 2021, we brought that dream to life in what’s become an industry-changing CRM. And yes, it’s all about our agents. In fact, we call it the Tallgrass Freight Cash Register because it helps our agents make more money!

But here’s the best part of our CRM. Launching it wasn’t the end — in fact, the CRM launch was only the beginning! Yes, the Tallgrass difference is clear when it comes to CRM Development. So clear, we like to call ourselves a tech company brokering freight. This innovative tech is who we are and it’s breaking huge barriers for our agents. 

What makes our CRM a real game-changer? It’s our commitment to continuous improvement. Take a look into the tech that’s making a huge impact in the daily lives of our agents.


Consistent, Efficient Updates

At TGF, we’re never satisfied with leaving things half-done. That’s why we’re constantly making improvements and updates to our CRM. Imagine working with software that’s never outdated. Software that’s regularly improved to your exact requests. Now, THAT sounds like software worth working with. Our VP of IT, John Ruf, leads a growing team of developers and tech pros who hustle daily to make our CRM better than ever.

Why are we so hyped about updating CRM? Because we see it enhance our team’s quality of life. We invest in our freight agents every single day because our agents come first. At the end of the day, that’s it. Our agents and everything they need comes first.

“John has made an immediate impact since the first day he walked through the door,” says COO David Barnes about John’s work on our CRM. “Taking over the IT Department was no small task, as not only did he need to shorten his learning curve as to how the system has been built, but then quickly implement his ideas and expertise into the system. John has built an incredible team around him and we are extremely proud of what they have been able to accomplish in a short time.”


Your Ideas in Your Technology

Of course, we said our CRM is built for freight professionals by freight professionals. And we mean it!  Here, our agents’ insights and feedback really matter. 

And we put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we created the “What If?” Program: to incorporate our team members’ ideas into the CRM. We literally pay team members when their ideas are used in an update. Team members get $100 every time their idea goes live. No limits! If a team member has 10 groundbreaking ideas? That’s $1,000 we’re happy to reward! 

“The amazing part of these deployments is the fact that these ideas, these ‘what ifs’ all came from Tallgrass agents and employees,” explains Sean Richardson, President. “We brag about the fact that our CRM was built for freight brokers and built by freight brokers. The ideas, insights and feedback are critical factors to our continued growth and future deployments.”

John loves hearing agents’ ideas. “Who knows what’s right for the system? The people that use it!” John says. “My team can build whatever you want, but the features only work when we know what’s best for the agents. What would make their life better? When the agents are telling me their ideas, we can get started right away. It makes everybody’s life easier!”


Inside One Amazing CRM Update

What does a CRM update look like? In August 2022 alone, the update included more than 10 “What If?” submissions from TGF agents and a few bug fixes. Our agents had brilliant requests, including various pathways to view activity, new search functionality and quick links to get where they need to go in record time.  

Plus, agents can now access their reward program stats and find out how close they are to each tier of TGF’s incredible rewards program. Curious how close you are to earning a Vegas getaway or a trip anywhere in the world? It’s all in the CRM. For those who like seeing progress toward their goals (and who doesn’t?), this feature may be just the catalyst to build that book of business. 

All that innovation in just one update. Is your idea next? Join the Tallgrass team and we’ll make it happen.


Reach Your Next Level with CRM

“This CRM is so slick and fast, it gets out of your way,” John says. “It just lets you do your business.” Picture any old CRM you’ve ever worked with before. Now throw that picture out the window. The TGF difference is so outside-the-norm, it’ll surprise you. 

A CRM that works for you instead of against you? That’s the TGF way. Want to see what you’re capable of with TGF and our insane CRM at your back? Learn more about becoming a TGF agent today.