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How we Support Your Freight Business: Supportive Rewards

For ten years, Tallgrass has remained steadfastly committed to outstanding company culture. Our culture is built on supporting and rewarding our agents’ successes. And you bet we celebrate the wins! With support deep in our DNA, we don’t simply benefit from our agents’ success. We actively INVEST in our agents’ success — and that includes offering the kinds of real rewards they want when they reach milestone accomplishments. 

Tallgrass reminds agents how much they are appreciated through the development of our rewards programs. Our first-class support goes way beyond a paycheck, and the creation of Club 200, Diamond Club and the Elite Circle were established to show agents how much they are valued at Tallgrass Freight Co. 

“Our rewards programs were created to prove that we are not content with the status quo,” says Damon Anderson, Founder and CEO. ​​Let’s dive into all three reward programs — and what rewards look like when you’re part of the best freight agent program.

Club 200

Club 200

We structured Club 200 using an innovative approach. We wanted to create a sales program that was brand new in the freight ecosystem. “Club 200 stands out in the industry and although other freight agent programs may have rewards, they don’t come close to what we offer,” Damon says.

Club 200 2022

Instead of top-line revenue, we recognize agents’ gross profits on the revenue they generate. Agents who have produced more than $200,000 in gross margin during the calendar year are invited to join an influential group in Las Vegas!

For this memorable experience, we fly our freight brokers and their plus-one out to enjoy everything Sin City has to offer. From fine dining, live music and world-class shows, to relaxing spas, shopping and so much more, this Vegas weekend is always one for the books. And everyone looks forward to our gourmet team dinner at the top of the Stratosphere, 800 feet above Vegas, when we toast to everything our Club 200 inductees achieved.

Diamond Club TGF

Diamond Club

Our Diamond Club program is for the agents who are up for an exciting challenge and willing to go above and beyond to achieve it! To become a diamond club member, our agents must earn $500,000 or more in gross margin in one year. 

This remarkable accomplishment deserves an outstanding reward — the kind of reward that can take you anywhere. Agents who qualify for the Diamond Club will receive a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher, as well as a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Italy? France? Australia? Japan? The choice is yours! 

No matter what city, country or continent you’ve been dreaming of traveling to, the Diamond Club reward will get you there. In addition to the travel vouchers, our Diamond Club members are also invited to join Club 200 for our annual trip to Las Vegas.

Elite Circle

When your most driven agents reach Club 200 and Diamond Club, you establish the highest award tier, fit for the upper echelon of agents!

Extraordinary freight agents are invited to join our Elite Circle — a group composed of extraordinary agents who earn $1,000,000 or more in gross margin in one year. This is a truly one-of-a-kind reward for our highest-performing freight brokers.

Tallgrass helps our agents in the Elite Circle check off a bucket list experience: a trip for two to any event, anywhere in the world. Attending the Super Bowl? Seeing the Northern Lights? Cruising through Africa on a safari adventure?

And of course, our Elite Circle joins us for our trip to Las Vegas! We’re not kidding when we say the best agents reap the best rewards.

Tallgrass Freight is thrilled to support our team of agents so they’re able to experience these insane awards. If you’re looking for a company to support and reward you for your hard work and dedication, look no further. Tallgrass is the premier freight brokerage. Let’s chat about your potential here at Tallgrass Freight.